Can Weed Be Laced?

Can weed be laced ? Today we answer that question. Check out Voip Scan here: Create an advertising Cabinet – Still have …


  1. smoking coke in a zoot is completly useless, the amount of arguments ive had with people trying to explain that coke cant be smoked.. thats why its freebased first to be smoked

  2. Oh I imagine so anything is possible when the fuck boy is turned to 100% you need friends so they can check you before you go out into public if you have Freinds they're bad Freinds because they let you not only go out in public but get online like this ….. P.s. weed can be laced with any soluble smokeable substance so cocaine heroin pcp
    Embalming fluid aka sherm
    Hell these days even weed can be laced with weed I've heard of some dumbfucks probably the same kind that would have cock sized gauges and moldy green hair
    Have been taking the pure form of the cannibinoid Chem's they use to make spice and hitting they're weed with it to crank the potency

  3. Drew, I was shook when you said DMT.
    One night I went out with my sister and a few of her friends. We had been drinking all day and I was in a bad headspace because I had just lost my best friend so I decided to get fucked up and forget about it. I don't normally smoke weed but I do enjoy it when I'm drunk. The next morning I woke up massively hungover. It didn't feel like any hangover I had ever had and back then I was drinking a lot. I looked over my texts from the night before and it showed my sister being pissed at me. I thought she was never gonna talk to me again the things she had said. I had been messaging my friend Katie throughout that night but I didn't end up meeting up with her. I asked her what had happened and she told me I had told her I smoked a whole bowl of DMT. Finally after hours of wondering what the fuck my sister was so mad at me about she came home and told me she was just having delusions and what she thought was happening wasn't happening. We talked about what else happened the night prior and she mentioned something that happened at the bar. I was confused then said, "We didn't go to the bar." Apparently we were there for an hour and half and I only have one split memory from it, of me looking to the right and seeing her friend Paul (who I may or may not have made out with). I also have a few other memories that are very short almost like gifs. I have never had this kind of blackout.
    Since then I have gone back and forth on whether I believe I actually did DMT that night. I think it's possible I went out to smoke a cigarette at the bar and people were smoking it and gave it to me. I imagine that I thought it was weed at first and then realized or was told it was DMT. It could have been a different drug but I think I was tripping on something because of the way the world looked, how long I was blacked out for, and how my memories formed that night. Everything was beautiful and cinematic.

  4. I don't know if this is a common practice in European countries, but in America I've known people to lace a joint or a blunt with opium. Called "wopium or woahpium" for weed and opium, i was working a county fair (big mistake btw) and a carnie handed me a blunt and after 2 hits i was beyond sick and fucked up from it. Be careful and dont take shit from carnies 😂😂

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