Buying an OUNCE of Legal Weed Florida Dispensary Haul Liberty Health Sciences

We have seen what $300 will get us at a Trulieve Dispensary. Now today I go to Liberty Health Sciences here in St. Petersburg and spend just under $300 (not …


  1. Do you know if Im required to be prediagnosed with a condition by another doctor first? Or can I just go straight to an MJ doctor and tell him my symptoms and just be diagnosed by him? I heard you have to have medical records…..problem is I havent been to a doctor in years…only thing stopping me from going is fear of being turned down because of no medical history, havent been since I was a kid…

  2. Yep sticking with old faithful Trulieve, finally getting better with stock. Being able to order pickup is so 👍 I have had Skywalker around 25%, 9 lb around 24% in Flower 🌸 it’s been awesome 😎,Skywalker is one of the Best so far, no Harlequin since they stopped the pods, they’re squeezing all oil out of it. Wish they’d save us a little 8n Flower so miss it. Flower most effective for my conditions PRSD I have tried Try Lear, vape carts, co2 carts, They’re fine but not as effective , I do like Tincture 1.1 in GDP.

  3. I forgot to do a video but I purchased 2 and a 1/2 ounces of true flower and got to walk down the sidewalk to my truck legally most amazing feeling ever and the products made me feel even better than that when I got them home I have almost been through all of the true flower there is only a couple kinds I have not tried but I have not been disappointed with anything from trulieve I'm on the East Coast in port Saint Lucie and I work as far South as the keys so it's nice to have dispensary up-and-down the East Coast and I have stopped at 12 different trulieve dispensary I will have to start making my own videos then send them to you

  4. It sadness me that I can’t buy some 100% safe weed due to me having a gun license. It really sucks I’m here in Orlando and I’m tired of smoking this street weed. 😞😞😞

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