Brett Wilson: Canada's cannabis supply not even close to meeting demand

W. Brett Wilson, chairman of Canoe Financial, joins BNN Bloomberg for his take on the hiccups from the rollout of legal recreational cannabis in Canada.


  1. I'm Canadian, and when I was in the tenth grade, I did a project that was pro-legalization. My amazing teacher gave me a 98 percent for my points. And despite that fact, I was so shocked it really happened. At the time, there was so much less positive push for it in the mainstream.

    Edit: My God, this woman is insufferable. What, does she want the guy to be completely negative about his investments? How will that help? Businesses don't succeed that way. You have to try.

  2. Unanticipated? Where has this guy been for the last two years. Only the government could fuck up selling dope, they had two years to get this setup and they sat on their thumbs until the next election was on the horizon. Of course the black market is still in business Trudeau and his crew couldn't get their shit together. As for quality control, the stuff I've seen in some shops I wouldn't pay for even if I did smoke.

  3. Trudeau's Government had something to do with the Murder of Billionaire Barry Sherman. Look at this link from alternative media were United States Military intelligence has information of the Canadian Government involvement with The Sherman's Double Murder: … … …These Cannabis  Laws are going to make the Politicians RICH, who have invested in the Monopoly this CRIMINAL Government created for themselves and their White Collar Criminal Friends … Bill Blair and Julian Fantino are just a few names on the List… The website is Terrible and the pricing is ridiculous … This was just the Governments way to Please Big PHARMA because the Government is making sure Cannabis isn't accessible and instead of Promoting Cannabis; they have created a Deterrent and the Word "Recreational" is the disguise, because cannabis as Medicine can Cure Cancer … BiG Pharma can not afford a Cure for Cancer. Barry Sherman was developing a POT Pill … That one pill would cost Big Pharma 100's of Billions in lost revenue. It is said that Barry's Company Apotex, over the 40 years he was in business, cost Big Pharma approx. 100 Billion Dollars. This Pot Pill would dwarf that figure. Figure this: if one Band name medication makes Big Pharma 100 Billion Dollars; and the Pot Pill would replace hundreds of Different Brand name medication for all kinds of illness, depression, anxiety, cancer, epilepsy… etc… We are talking about Trillions of lost revenue for BIG PHARMA and the Banks…  If the Government benefited from his Murder financially … Then The LORD's Wrath has Cometh… This Criminal Government created a Monopoly for its Criminal Politicians and their White Collar Criminal Friends … It is plain and obvious the Government Benefits Financially because they will KILL their competition or just jail them and fine them to the point where the only game in town is our Canadian Government … The POLICE are the MUSCLE to make sure this Government has NO COMPETITION … Military Tribunals are coming … HONEY SHERMAN was one of the last living Survivors of the HOLOCAUST

  4. Business will catch up. Its inevitable. Just like cigs and booze there will always be 2% criminal. It costs 5 cents a gram to produce in third world opposed to $1.50 for Canadian greenhouses.

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