Benji's Third Bath and New Rescued Ringworm Guinea Pig Conner Update

Update on Benji who was rescued 2 weeks ago from an LA shelter and Connor, also suffering from advanced Ringworm who came in 1 week ago from an LA …


  1. I miss my pigs. I had four. We recently moved and I lost my youngest a few days after we moved them to the new place. I lost another one a week later. It was my oldest. I lost the third one a week later which was the one I've had since it was able to be away from mom. Then I lost my last one a few days after that. I don't know why they past. Do you have any idea why they died?

  2. Do you ever catch ringworm handling pigs with it? My daughter adopted ours from PetSmart and she caught it even after washing her hands each time bc he scratched her neck b4 we knew he had ringworm. Then I had to treat the guinea pig for a month with oral meds and treat my daughter with topical meds and wash the pig’s fleece daily. Of course I ended up getting it after they both cleared up even tho I was super careful to shower after cleaning his cage or his meds😓 4 mos later I still feel like there’s spores all over my house and worry about my cats ans dog getting it and I am SUPER nervous when my daughter holds him now and I make her shower right after. You seem so calm around ringworm, that’s why I was wondering if you ever caught it!!! 😖

  3. In Germany if you say you give a piggy a bath, people will start to attacking you like crazy. How ever I tried it with the shampoo on one and one I treated like always. Sure enough the one I gave baths to got better so much faster. So thank you soooo much.

  4. How often do you bathe one with ringworm? My baby guinea pig has a small spot on her snout and I don’t know if I should give her a full on bath and just work with that small area. Also, I have another who doesn’t have ringworm but should I worry about her getting it as well?

  5. Hi Saskia! Can you recommend a shampoo in a much smaller bottle? I only have two piggy's and since they only need to be bathed twice a year or if they get really dirty for some odd reason or contract ringworm, etc. That size shampoo would hardly never get used. Thanks in advance

  6. Thank you for the great update on Benji! He just loves your touch, you can see it in his face. He looks sooo much better. Conor is a sweet little guy and will be a great buddy to Benji.
    Thank you for all you do, Saskia.❤💕❤

  7. I remember when I got a groomer (for piggies) to bathe/dry/haircut my Peruvian piggy for the first time since I got her (wanted to see how it was done before I did it) and when using the hairdryer, you could hear the sound of her complainer squeaks VERY LOUDLY over the hair dryer haha 😂 they're overly dramatic <3 love them 😘

  8. Oh, what precious babies! I can't wait to see updates, I love happy endings! So glad that the ringworm is clearing up, I know they don't like it, but I know they'll feel better, and get better together! Love you guys!

  9. I'm really happy to see how good Benji is doing, I hope you can bond them, it looks low they could be really good fiends. Saskia, how is Isaac doing? He looked so sick when you got him 😥😢

  10. Oh wow Benji is looking so good! He seemed to be in almost too much pain to move in the first video but now he is feeling so much better. You are just a miracle worker for these little guys. I hope Conner and Benji continue to get along, they make quite a pair.

  11. I’m optimistic! Benji is making softy eyes like my heart pig did (chill pig & she was the queen) & Connor has that ‘I just wanna play & be sweet’ look. Crossing my fingers for them! ☺️ And thanks for showing the proper way to rinse a guinea pig! I can’t stand all the videos out there where they rinse the animal w/ their own dirty bath water. For some reason those videos remind me of how ppl bathed animals decades ago. (Most are in Europe). 😄

  12. i love this yu always bring them back to life and give them the comfort of food and housing amd health they are sooo sweet innocent and loveable…u are the miracle worker and your heart is filled with unconditional love saskia thank u soo much u are a blessing to these piggies

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