1. Love the videos. I just transferred my seedling in a 1-gallon container. I have a question I've been reading some articles on how to water. I've been Flooding the pot and then let it dry out before i flood it again. (With nutrients of course)

    Do you have a video that explains how to water?

    Thanks again

  2. This shit dope I be scared to fuck up my plants but thanks for showing me the way I be using spoons to dump soil in, but you use a hole cup while touching the plant, shows me I dont have to be so careful it's my first plant too so that's probably why I'm so scared lol

  3. Beautiful. Question do you start your seedlings immediately under LEDs. Just curious because I've seen and done it other ways like introducing LEDs grow lights a lil at a time but some LEDs are just too harsh for 5 and 6 day old sprouts. It's been my experience anyways. Thoughts?

  4. How are you amending that's soil with the Aurora line as well or your own mixture and how do you know when it's time to add fertilizers to your soil

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