Bayer plans 'silver bullet' defense in Roundup brand cancer cases

The “Squawk Box” crew talk about several of the morning’s top stories.


  1. lol… yea good move MONSANTO prove that you corrupted a Federal Agency too, brilliant, sheer genius! Heres your silver bullet back at you, its time too pull the mask off the Lone Ranger so everybody knows the real faces behind the CORPORATE MASK!

  2. That’s no excuse! Monsanto knew it was poisoning the people and causing cancer in millions including children. I truly believe that Monsanto is responsible for the majority of cancer in the world. How could one ever think growing food with poison was a healthy alternative to anything. Blinded by greed!!!! All the money in the world could not be enough compensation for the millions who have died. Shame on you Monsanto! There is no hell hot enough for the ones involved in covering up the dangers of this poison with the attempt to hide it from the people!

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