Ask the MD: Medical Marijuana and Parkinson's Disease

Does medical marijuana help Parkinson’s symptoms? Rachel Dolhun, MD, movement disorder specialist and vice president of medical communications at The …


  1. My husband is afraid about taking medical marijuana to treat his Parkinson's disease . His neurologist has sad , that the earliest a patient uses cannabinoid the most addicted this patient becomes. As Parkinson develops gradually , my husband prefers to take another alternative medical treatment later. He just takes Levodopa and aspirin.

  2. My son in law, early 40's young with PD is on his second purchase of high strength CBD because it's helping him. Fortunately. I bought him the first lot and told him be patient, it takes a good 15 days to settle in, approx 2,000 mg cbd per ml, 1 to 2 ml morning, 1 ml at night. He got through the first 100mls and saw the benefits thus has bought more. Some people will need higher strength than this or to be economical buy higher strength but take small dose. Squirt under the tongue and let it absorb there for several minutes. 3600 mg per ml probably the better buy.

  3. I think the take away is that there are a LOT of PD people asking these questions. And there have been some actual real benefits — in the field — for those who have tried. I guess my question would be after watching this – what research is MJFF doing to move the needle forward? If the current trials are small and not double blind, then wouldn't it behoove the MJFF to fund a trial to research this since so many are asking? We keep hearing the same thing — lots of people asking, not enough research or trials. Sounds like a "Call to Action" to me.

  4. Maybe, yes. I guess it's very individual, just like the disease itself, and like the medicines already available. It will work for some, and for some it won't.
    Anyone have any idea if there's any research on stem cell treatment for Parkinson's?

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