1. That dude Josh had it in for Yang. Asking questions to delegitimize his campaign. My man, Andrew, didn't flinch for a second. Shut him down every time. Yang's a beast!

  2. If we, America, want to move forward we need a leader who has vision for the country and Andrew has that vision and understand how things works. Look at us now, Trump has no vision. He basically do what Steven miller or other staff suggested…

  3. His foreign policy is very weak, he has a few purely subjective criterias, well the only objective would be that alias are involved but even that can be seen as suspective because you find always 1 allay a objective standard would be that the UN has to give a resolution.

    But all he says is he has to BELIEVE subjectivily a few criteria and then he has to find 1 Allie in crime and he is good to go. He used maybe nicer words for the same content but that is what it's about.

    He even contradicts himself slightly or at least you can make the case, by him saying he do not want to leave a country abruptively but then saying that he only wants to go into countries where there is a clear time frame. How A can you know that? B which conflict you could not make that case? Was it absolute clear to everybody that we would be still in Irak till this day? No. Syria we thought just remove the "Dictator" and "we" can leave right… so the szenario in the beginning of a war is always that it's a short term operation with a clear goal, you never start a war with the idea that we attack them to stay there then for 50 years.

    So he uses nice marketing words but his policies are bad. I even critisize Tulsi for saying only non regime change wars, because you can use terrorism as excuse for everything. but at least you can say some wars could not have be done like Irak with that policy.

    And throwing bombs because of "humanitarian reasons" is just a stupid statement… That's like saying we should feed our children more candy for health reasons…

  4. why is andrew yang graphic not shown on the introductory list unlike the other candidates like warren,styer ,bill wold.and given the tough questions????black subtle media manipulation

  5. We need to change that New Hampshirecontrols the future of the United States when New Hampshire is one of the smallest state in the United States the California Florida in Texasdoesn't control the decisions within the United States when most of the United States population is either in California Florida or Texas something sounds fishy with the way the electoral votes or passed around but stille Andrew Yang for president

  6. what I don't get is in regards to the drug wars. I know it's been said it's a complete failure but it seems like drug infiltration is so much worse than years back. so what I don't get is that NO CANDIDATE, not even Yang, is talking about how to stop the drugs from coming in in the first place. I've heard reports of US soldiers guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan, fentanyl being MAILED into US from china etc. I just don't get why no one is talking about it, just bandaid fixes. and this is a global problem. seems countries could pool their resources, develop tech to detect activity, chemical signatures etc. It is such a huge problem that everyone seems to ignore anymore, I suppose because the wars were failures. I know trumpsters gonna come back w/close borders bs but that doesn't stop the fentanyl being mailed in from china, which is probably the biggest killer, air drops, submarines/boats off so cal etc.

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