The marijuana bear is showing no signs of going away anytime soon. Several popular marijuana stocks will be victims as their stock price goes to zero.


  1. if anyone knows a bubble on youtube, it's you. you've been through the dotcoms, the browser wars, so many bubbles of time. hope you're making the best out of the streaming bubble too. I believe it will all fade into you normal Apple, Google, then one other that survives (netflix?)

  2. parcelpal looks like its going to the garbage also''just saying some of these stocks are a learning curve for me to do my own due dilegence…more youtubers i listen to to the worse i perform…choof is dead,,,tgif is dead….dont get mad at me im just commenting on my learning curve…looking for little companies are a 1 in 10 long shot ..im going to wait this out and stick to blue chip stocks and cash for the time bein.

  3. Hey Mickey, do you believe in ACB? I haven't bought ACB yet just watching from sideline for last 8 months based on due diligence. At some point, calculation tells me it would come down to $2.65. If price drops tomorrow that low, would you prefer to buy?

  4. $CROP got me good…I bought at about 12 cents a share now they are 1 cent. Most my money is still in $TGIFF.
    Is hope a strategy? Lol….thanks for another great video, take care mickey.

  5. I at one time owned JWCA, Aurora, Planet 13, Harvest One, 48 North, and OGI. I made my money and got out back in April. People were calling me an idiot for getting out as people at the time had thought "the sector just needed cooling off". Feels great to watch the ship sink without being on board but I am very sorry to all those holding.

  6. Billionaire/bag holder lost the boat on last year. It was the millennials who were hyped and raised the price tag way high specially for a sector which is not legal yet. I personally think, legalization process will be delaying more and wall street keeps lowering/manipulating the price as low as possible for bag holders for a fresh start.

  7. I just heard CNBC, Jim Cramer announced this morning before the opening bell. The Cannabis Industry has become a disaster, get out for now sit on the sidelines and wait for Federal laws to truly legalize MJ. He also said he wants to be there when it happens !!! "ALL ABOARD"
    But right now current expectations are Disastrous.

  8. Thanks for the update Mickey. I missed the opportunity to loose money on any of those stocks you reported on but there's plenty of others as you know. LOL This is defiantly the time to get in on the precious metals miners. Historically silver has lead the way over gold but they are both going to see new highs over the next 2 years. I would caution your subscribers, make sure you do your research or you might own a company that has already sold all the gold they have in the ground or have gold in a spot they just can't get to. I like AG and MAG for silver and BTG and KGC on the gold side. I also took a small position in PLG as a platinum/palladium play. On the uranium side I'm holding URG and looking at one or two others. Here's how old I am. How do you listen to an audio book. I have to ask because I just don't know. Will it play on my Windows Media Player? I just don't know but I appreciate the offer and I hope it helps someone. Have a great day and happy trading my friend.

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