Why Harvest Cannabis During the Full Moon? Mean Gene / Green Flower

With the full moon upon us, award-winning Emerald Cup breeder Mean Gene explains the ancient origins of the Harvest Moon and why it may be more …


  1. Old farmers almanac explains moon phases with agriculture, best time to sow, prune, harvest etc, there's even a good moon setting to take boats out of water to be worked on ! the moon influences everything on earth.

  2. I need to see studies with real scientific data. I've been growing vegetables, trees, bushes and eventually weed since 4 years old. None of my plants were influenced by the moon. The moon was good for keeping track of their harvest times in the past but until I see blind studies with solid evidence, i don't believe it. To me it borders on super natural claims.
    I'm all for believing what you want. No offense to anyone. I know folks online take things personal when someone goes against the grain of the average opinion. As for ancients using the moon for guidance, don't forget they also had multiple dieties and thought spirits influenced the rainfall. Besides, it's about trichome ripeness and nothing more.

  3. it's not a myth the solstice is used in farming all across the world. in countries that speak different languages. It's something humans have known before modern science. thus it didn't need scientific explanation. and it works.

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