Week 6 Flowering, Mites & Pest Management for Outdoor Cannabis Grow

outdoorgrow #cannabis #pests we look grwat looking big hard buds and next level pest management. Nobody wants there grows destroyed from thrips, russet …


  1. Here in western Colorado we’ve got so many hemp fields, my whole crop ruined with seeds. Do you guys think there is anyway to help prevent cross pollination other than growing indoors and using a greenhouse?

  2. YUP, I SAID THIS IN A DIFFERENT VIDEO YOU MADE.. THAT LOOK LIKE BUG CITY… And if your just finding them it's too late.. the predator mite can only eat a certain amount of russet mites a day, so if you have an infestation they will never be able to to cut the population down in time for harvest, when the buds are turning brown that part alone probably had 200-300 russet mites on it. Little BASTARDS FUKD UP 3 OF MY PLANTS. I SAID FUK IT AND CUT THEM DOWN….. UNFORTUNATELY NONE OF THAT CANNABIS IS OK FOR ANYONE TO SMOKE, YOU CANT SELL RUSSTE INFECTED BUDS AT A DISPENSARY… GONNA LOSE ALL THE BOTTOM AND INSIDE OF ALL THE PLANTS…. GOOD LUCK WELCOME TO THE WAR.

  3. I have to say one more thing here. Like human's, the more you have together, the more problems. Plants the same way Bro! People that will grow just a few plants, under 20, and keep them separated, they do much better than growing them like in a big city! Not telling you shit either!

  4. You did teach me something here but then again, made it so anyone not knowing what your talking about, well, you confused them. I have in the past noticed years when these hairs on the cola's looked brown but those were the years that mold just set in. I have noticed that if you keep your Soil PH 6.8 and keep your plants feeding of proper feed, you won't have to worry about this in your video. Just what I have noticed growing here in the Catskills for decades. Cannabis has it's own immune system to take care of many problems people have with bugs and what not. Like a human, your immune system has to be keyed in, then you won't have any problems. Plants are the same way! bluepitt.com

  5. I feel for you, mites are just the worst to manage . I don’t allow anyone near my crop. My nemesis this year are the bud worms. Under control but requires my constant attention. Yesterday found 5 live worms, it was early am so I sprayed with bt Safer, today only found a few dead worms.
    Good luck, thanks for sharing your solution 🦄

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