UK Guerrilla Grow 2019 – Week 24 mid week update

Only the Caramelo by #deliciousseeds and Lemon Cake by #heavyweightseeds remain. I checked for seeds today and I couldn’t see any.. what are the chances …


  1. I plan on doing a large guerrilla grow this year, mainly for oil/hash. Im in the U.S so its not nearly as exciting. ( 5 plants= 200$ fine in my area ).
    Im currently growing indoors, and looking to start breeding stealth strains for use in areas cannabis is still illegal. I would look into frisian duck autos as a strain for your next grow, it looks much less distinct, especially when you LST.

  2. Looking good bro. I've brought mine inside from 3 weeks ago super cold nights and a shit load of rain mine also had a purple Hughes from the cold.👍🇬🇧

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