Trimming Closer: DON'T GROW SMALL FLOWERS – Growing Tips 03

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  1. BULLSHIT! show prove! because techniclie the upper leafes will get their light anyways and nothing will stop them from soaking in the water that they need. also nothing will steal nutrients from the water that is on its way to the top otherwise it would be common to grow small plantsand besides that it wouldnt make sense anyway if you think it threw because it would mean that the lower shadowbuds would recieve more nutrients per drop of water than the light buds which would effectively mean that the shadowbuds should come out much better which they dont. so if you want no hard work on shadowbuds, why waisting so much time in veg? if you struggle with money and your plants are already too big to prevent shadow buds, you better dont listen to this guy unless they show prove with a side by side test. this is a big discussion and big guys with enough money only care about less work. but i do agree on the part where he says take off fan leafes which take light from buds

  2. Only thing. I️ can say is dying plant material transfers that energy into rest of plant. It’s a lot of way to do it basically but this is great information

  3. Not necessarily.. Outdoor commercial growers leave the bottom untouched. They chop and harvest the top buds when they're ready. Then they let them bottom soft buds harden up under the sun for 2-3 weeks extra and get a second harvest. Sometimes they'll get even a 3rd harvest by re- vegging the plant and then flowering for a 3rd run late in the season.. Listen from a Pro like me.. you can apply thesame method indoors..

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