Tony Robbins: How To Overcome Emotional Crisis (Tony Robbins Depression)

Tony Robbins: How To Overcome Emotional Crisis (Tony Robbins Depression) What is the single force that shapes the quality of our lives? What power do we …



    FOR TEN YEARS I HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH THE EPITOME OF A NARCISSIST how do you raise a child with this kind of person? I have been fed crumbs, discarded, demeaned, emasculated and I find myself doing more, trying harder, trying to be a superstar to please her, and then there are little glimmers of crumbs where she gives a little warmth BECAUSE i was super and then it fades fast, i am always there run for her all the time, i have gotten to the lowest point of my life. I help her to shine and be great and she steps on me. From the very start I elevated her, when there was really nothing to elevate, she does the bare minimum and does not care about anyone or anything and I still found little things to praise and elevate her and she stepped all over me, and I tried to hang on for our child and I give her an open door to come and go and destroy me for 10 years. She makes a million promises and then does not deliver them and tells me I am not worth her doing those things after I DID EVERYTHING FOR HER and she pushes me to react and then blames me…. i am at the point that I cannot get over this and cannot raise a child with her and she just goes about her daily life like I do not matter, like she could care less if I live or die.

    and she uses all your terms against me, like she is the victim she is making boundaries, she does the bad things to me first and then has BOUNDARIES against my reactions to her abuse… it is insane drives me crazy drives my child crazy everything is so abnormal so chaotic

    she calls me old school because i put my child first, she makes promises to me and our child that we will be a family and then takes it all away… I have been in this loop for 10 years always chasing, i have had so much love saw her problems from the very start and have tried to help have reached out to so many people for help, and now my poor child is impacted by this chaos and i still cannot get through to this person and it is impossible to break away because now my childs life and future depend on me being there for them all the time to protect them from this chaos….no therapy has helped, nothing works, and my poor 8 year old is at the point of saying she wishes she was not born!!!

    how do i keep going, how do i help my little girl???? how do you get such a person to SEE HOW DAMAGING SHE IS TO EVERYONE! 4 fiances, 3 business partners, her parents, everyone she has been close to she uses and abuses but sees absolutely nothing and finds ways to spin everything to be everyone else!!! we have been to a dozen therapists and nobody can get through and she finds one word they say to spin everything on me! it is UNBEARABLE LIVING LIKE THIS AND TRYING TO RAISE A CHILD LIKE THIS! PLEASE HELP!!!

  2. Number of experiments doing on me nothing work out on me. Who am I I am teacher 30 years ,45 years yoga pranayam meditation and 18 games and sports certificates I have all these creted to me .nothing to worry ,nothing stress on me I am fair in 24 hours. Reality is my near friend truth is my real friend . Yshk viswanatham MscBed.

  3. My wife passed away 3months ago. She leaves behind our 9 years old daughter and I. I have a job and financially stable. I have everything what I need but I don’t have much friends. Not much social life. No family near by. I am a single dad raising my daughter completely alone. I feel sad , lonely and miserable. I miss the happy family memories. No more happy family time. No more daily life talk with her “How was your day? I love you“ No more texts or phone calls from her. I keep looking at my last text from my wife. Tears are falling my eyes…I guess I take it one day at a time. Plan something for tomorrow if I wake up.

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  5. Ok so I made a choice 8 weeks ago. Lose weight, new job get healthy. I swapped fried breakfasts for bananas. I swapped coffee for water. I swapped chocolate for fruit yogurt. I ate wholemeal bread and oranges for lunch. How do I feel? Shit. How is my weight? Worse. Truth be told it's your environment that makes you fat. It's your environment that makes you unhappy. It's your environment that makes you poor. Today I pulled a sickie and left work at 12pm. Fuck this shit and fuck this bullshit YouTube video. The first 3 mins are right, grow balls and make a choice. The rest of this video… well… Go to the gym if you want but that's not the solution. Health us important but go look at the budget monks that drink poison and live… It's not bacon that's killing you or lack of exercise. It's work.

  6. Hitting up people for money when they’re desperate; that’s Tony’s role model? Yeah, and his pep-talks for pay, modeled after the same system. 🙄 I’m outa here.

  7. Keep getting hurt in relationships. Two marriages and divorce. Thought I would try it again. Thought it would be different but even though they knew of all the pain I had endured and promised they wouldn't do the same they did. The moment I lost my job the relationship went down. Just in shock. Didn't see it coming. #numb

  8. My big crises now I am having emotionally break down the boy who is in relationship with me has cheated he give all the dream will get married and have children settle down in the life suddenly After 2 weeks suddenly disappeared he is saying his mum in hospital he had to go back to him house then when I try to contact him he block me Facebook viber everything what ever I could contact him now.if he give me one reason Could understand.then 3 weeks latter I have seen he get married with another girl what pain movement I have .when I see his married video I feel like everything is gone black I was cry like nightmare now I try to get on and fight for the situation no girl or boy should cheated like me .

  9. The toughest time in my life was when my parents got divorced, my mom was depressed and my dad abandoned me.m, and to make things worst I was molested by three different uncles at a very young age, so young i didn’t know what sex was. when i told my mom in my teenage years, my mom doubted me. The vision I had was to have my own family one day. Fast forward, I’m a mom and I’ve been fighting for my marriage for 3 years and we are ready to sign divorce papers. I’m very sad, it’s tough, and i’m looking for a role model or people that have been through this. I still have hope to have a good next marriage, and I’m actively working on myself, therapy, meditation, inner peace, and healing.

  10. I am facing a very big crisis. I don't just know what to do. I have been searching for answers for too long but can't find out in any way. I think that a person abused me but people around me say that its because of my schizophrenia that i feel so. They name people about whom i have said such things and defend them by saying that its me not them. I want to know what it was. I really want to know the truth. Its not necessary what they are saying is true. I felt that that's why I said. They are saying schizophrenia but it may be because they want to hide their faults. And if one considers that I have such thing that doesn't necessarily mean that I am wrong. They torture me a lot and then say its me not them.

  11. I have been through a couple of divorces and after those I constantly affirmed how much better my life would become. Years later I realized a key factor: passion without action is useless. I thought I was taking action when in fact I was becoming reactionary instead of intentional. The snowball effect of being evicted, Financial crisis, emotional abuse, etc…I started to say why me instead of try me. I now understand the attitude of gratitude because it can always be worse. Now I have a wonderful family, not financially destitute, and don't take anything for granted. What I have learned is we all go through it. Whatever IT is…state, mindset, attitude, laughter, fear. IT'S CONTAGIOUS! Do not wake up every day wondering…instead KNOW and follow through. It can't rain forever. I have a morning mantra to remind myself what challenge I am overcoming today. Thankyou to all the people like Tony Robbins that remind us to use our tools instead of affirming that we have them.

  12. My 3yr old daughter Skylar got RSV(a very bad cold) when she was just 1yr old. Skylar was born with Chronic Lung Disease as well cuz she was born at only 1lb&5oz but when she turned 1yr old….She slipped into a 40day coma, she flat lined 3 different times(meaning she had no heartbeat) both of her lungs had Collapsed. The first time her heart stopped was for 5min. The 2nd time was for close to 25min & the 3rd was for 15min. Through each & every second of these unexplainable moments, the doctors and nurses at the Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls SD tagged in and out performing CPR on my 1yr old while I watched helplessly..she was only the 5th case EVER in SD that has used a machine called ECMO(where blood is taken out of her lungs and is filtered through the machine and put back into her lungs). They had many complications with the machine and it almost killed her. At one point the head doctor told us that she wasn't going to make it to the next day….but she did<3 granite she had to learn how to walk and eat all over again she come out with no brain damage, no major scars and is as happy an healthy as ever to this day<3<3<3 it was a complete miracle!!!!

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  14. One of my biggest crisis was my senior year in college. I grew attached to someone who lied and cheated on me. It put me in a depression so deep that I was unfocused in my classes.

    However, this particular colleague —-who wasn’t even considered as my friend helped me push through with my classes. His name was Denzel, and I had a breakdown when speaking about our assignment. I told him I didn’t think I could push through and how I didn’t want to do our final presentation. He told me, without even knowing me, that he would stand up in front of the class with me so I won’t feel alone.

    I am thankful for his existence, and because of that day—- I am college graduate. He made me realize I’m not alone.

  15. About 8 years ago, my father and sister passed away in a six month period. I also broke up with a girl I loved during that time and lost my job because of not knowing how to deal with the emotional impact of it all. I was lost for a long time, depressed, really didn’t know how to go on. A few things helped. Counselling, working out intensely and getting fit, supplements to help replace those reduced due to depression, friends, family and eventually after a long healing process, meeting and marrying my wife. I believed that was the beginning of a new wonderful chapter in my life. We were together for 4 years but she decided to return to her home country for various reasons and does not want to return. I now face a similar heartache.

    What’s going to get me through this time ..

    I have discovered my faith in God, Jesus and the Healing power of the Holy Spirit. I went to Tony’s UPW last year and still practice priming every morning. I became a student with Bob Proctor. I have some awareness of how our minds work, the power of faith, believing and attitudes of the mind. Despite the current situation, I still believe my wife and I have a future together and our marriage can be stronger, full of the blessings and grace of God. I pray everyday for it’s restoration and healing in the heart of both me and my wife. Amen 🙏🏻

  16. the truth, what is it – deal w that your story stop being rewarderd by sadness , what am i going to go for, coming up w a vision for my life get a role model give much more than you would expect to recieve

  17. toughest time of my life : leaving a toxic and abusive relationship while newly sober
    what got me through : my parents, time, perseverance, prayer, meditation,

  18. Its 3am in the morning and I am awake and trying to cope with infidelity as I lay here alone in my bed wondering where my husband is. I want to feel strong and be able to move forward in this situation in a positive way but its so painful. Looking for any advice on how to handle infidelity positively.

  19. My whole life. Oldest of 4 girls to a single uneducated, unemployed and drug addicted woman. My Dad went to the fed… prison for 11 yrs. mom sold us for $$$, lucky saved by the state of California by age 13. Stayed in Two foster home before my dad got out and got me then moved us to Ks. where I would become a Drop out. Then Was a Mom by 18 who became a dealer. At 21 moved back to the west coast where I got into prostitution for a couple yrs before, I met a guy …..then after 7 intense yrs of crazy. We jump to 12/21/16 pit mauls my 12 yrs old son ripping his neck open and removing 3 fingers. Admitting him 3 days in icu where he recovers. 1/3/17 we put bobo down for the attack. While son was recovering I signed up for ged classes instead of traveling for work (bunny ranch). ged 1/18/17 – for 6 months. 4/18/17 mom Kim dies, 5/29/17 daddy dies. 6/17/17 @ 10:00 am GED graduation ceremony! 6/17/17 3am-6am my bff Amber also who was also in prostitution was killed by a trick in Florida. I got the call 6/18/17 on Father’s Day. Then 7/2017 Uncle fili family friend dies. I quit hooking and 9/28/17 start my first job in 9 yrs. stayed a yr left got another till I got this current job. I have amazed myself with the changes I have made. I let nothing hold me back. I am sad most the time still. I haven’t fully grieved anyone. I been avoiding it but focusing on myself. Right now I am ok. Tomorrow I will be better. I’m excited for my future and my sons. Oh yea the bf I had went to prison in 2014 and is still there. Ugh. I can’t believe that was my normal.

  20. Still feel like I getting through it but I was with a Girl who I believed with all my heart and soul I was going to marry and have a family with but after 5 years it just ended and she left me for one of my junor high friends. It was devistating I use to cry to sleep sometime and one day I just look at my Dog that I bought for her and said I'm never going to cry over her again or in general untill im massively successful. Need less to say since that day I've cryed not over her but because of how happy and passionate I feel when I listen to these tapes. And on my journey to becomeing massivley succesful and about to start my own network marketing business as well as a organization that will help people that are struggleing with mental and emotional problems. A video by simon sinek about millennials is what utimatley got me started on this journy and revived my dead heart. If I can say anything that might help is to never give up… like Jim Rhon says its not what happens to you its what you do that matters most!!! So take massive action and Give!!! P.S I hardley even think about her anymore and am glad Im not with her anymore it was a nightmare lol (: this is just one chronicle in many of my Adventures … ✌

  21. When my daughter ran away at 13, she came home and we rebuilt the relationship after many years of struggle. She is now 30. Next challenge is my relationship has broken down after several deaths, health scare and loss of a beloved pet. Trying to tame the negative thoughts, some days are easier than others. I believe we have two hands one to serve and one for ourselves, the greatest joy in life is to give.

  22. My story :
    I was suicidal at the age of 15th and the only reason why i didn't kill myself was the thought that i was gonna hurt my best friend and my cousin. And i didn't want that. Now , i am 20 years old i finally start taking the mental health support that i was and i am needed , in order to get my life together. I was diagnosed with general myoclonic epilepsy and hasimoto at the age of 16th. My life before wasn't pretty i have been sexual harassment twise from two different people that i know and both of them last for a long time. I was also isolated , bullied , depressed .
    What i have learnt ? I am kinder to the people around me cause I don't wanna anybody else to feel the same pain , as I did… At the end , i am slowly learning how to love my self and my body again, with all their imperfections.

  23. Listen to your vids everyday. Been a year now since my fiancee and i split, not being there 24/7 for my 3 yr old son is my crisis,the pain is unbearable. For many months i was lost,delving into drink to forget, every night when i finally managed to sleep it was just nightmares and every morning my first thought was "Where shall i hang myself?"…every morning. Lost my parents house,my "friends" were never there from the beginning…..but,now I'm coming out of it and starting to gain momentum going forward. Vids like this helped me so much, made me see things in context.Thank you so much

  24. The biggest chrisis in my life was losing my baby, I was so happy when I found out I was pregnant, I called everyone to let them know that we were having a baby!! I saw my Gynecologist, and I was about 2 month's pregnant when I found out that there was no heartbeat, my heart absolutely sank!! They didn't do an emergency D&C on me until I started to miscarry, I started on a Sunday back in January of this past year, laying in a hotel room for 8 solid hour's just to find out through going to the E.R. that all I had passed was the outer lining of the sac, I pleaded with the doctor to do it there in Orlando, my Gynecologist was in Tallahassee, FL….The doctor told me that unless I was in severe pain and running a fever that they couldn't do the D&C….Doctor did give me some pain medications to help and advised me to go see my Gynecologist, so my fiance and I went the next day, and I was finally through physically….but mentally and emotionally tore me apart!! If it wasn't for my faith in God, I more than likely would've committed suicide and I sought help in my darkest and saddest hour's….It's been a year since I found out I was pregnant, and traumatized me to not get pregnant again….my sister has children, so I'm blessed in that way. ❤❤

  25. 5 Steps
    1. See it as it is, but don't see it worse than it is.
    2. Get to the real truth and deal with it. (decide to change it)
    3. Get a vision and get strong. (a compelling future, something to move toward)
    4. Get a role model (learn from their experience and strategy, get into action)
    5. Give much more than you expect to receive. (work your tail off)
    …change everyday.

  26. music got me through those tough times Tony and it will again. I need to let the music show me the way. I write my best songs in time of crisis yet only the small community of friends I know have heard my gift. This is the time I break through and figure out how to get my music to everyone. I have a gift that I've been afraid to push through and figure out a way to share it to the masses. I need to figure out how to make my dream a reality and I can't give up anymore. I have written these songs that have helped me through extreme pain and I believe they can help others. I need to make new choices and become the best person I can be and I believe my music can do that

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