This is my introduction video of how my seizures started. My seizures began after I got vaccines for school. Ever since then I’ve been dealing with them and …


  1. The same thing happened with me. I had to get vaccines for school. I was healthy as can be and a few weeks to a month I had a seizure. I was in your shoes. The doctors kept telling me they weren’t finding anything. Or I just had “ fainting “ spells. They put me on medications. The first one I don’t remember the name of but it made me very mean. I lost a lot of weight as well. They did a lot of test and found out my brain was misfiring in one of the nerves. You having seizures should know we can’t just stop taking one medication and go to the other. So I started taking two medications. And as I was switching over to just one. I was naturally high because of the doses. I had a softball tournament that weekend and it was so bad my aunt wasn’t going to even go let alone let me play. After I got on to the one medication i was better. I felt as if I wasn’t good enough or if I’m abnormal. Which I still feel to this day. Because I can’t go and get my permit , or just do anything by myself I always have to have someone with me. Everything you can’t do I can’t and it sucks. I’m now taking Lamictal. And here I am today almost two years of being seizure free. Although last week I almost had another one.

  2. Your correct its from the overdose of metals in those vaccines. Your not the first nor the last to be damaged by them. Metals have no place in the human body in any amount. Unfortunately the brain damage is irreversible. Fortunately God can heal any broken part of you. Sweet girl, I hate this happened to you. 🙏💚

  3. I'm so sorry this is honestly tragic. I do not vaccinate any longer due to mess ups on the medical staffs part and the harassment we face from schools is ridiculous.
    My grand mals seem to be under control from 1500 of kepra. I still have little,ones but I haven't had anothe grand mal.
    The vaccine companies need to be supporting you 100% they make so much off of forced vaccines the least they could do is support you two and all medical needs.
    Have you considered or tried CBD oil?? I hope to get off the kepra with CBD oil after a full year with no grand mals!
    Anyways you two ladies have a beautiful spirit about you with such a possitive outlook.. A wonderful example for me :).. 💚💜💙💛💗
    Good luck and I will include you in my prayers from now on!

  4. I had an ex friend who had Rasmussens epilepsy. She had to have one half of her brain removed and it cured it. She cant use one arm or leg very well, but she can walk, talk and is very smart. She has no regrets. Hope you find a cure one day.

  5. December 17th is my bday. I had to go threw all of that as well. I was a Guinea pig while I was growing up. It was hard and embarrassing. If you need someone to talk with who goes threw this as well I am here. I'm praying they go away.

  6. have you read jenny mcarthy's books? or heard of a DAN! dr? they stand for defeat autism now and they are holistic dr's who believe the shots have causes autism, allergies, asthma, add/adhd, and many other things including seizures. we did something called chelation of the heavy metals that are found in the shots. it helps you pee out the toxins that average people can purge throught their hair folicles but our daughter's system was stopped up and hair was a clean sample unlike a non affected child who would have a hair folicle showing mercury, lead, aluminum, arsnic and other toxins.

  7. does the hbot treatment have any effect on this for you? we have a friend that bought a machine soft shell for her garage and was charging people for dives in it. the treatments can last months and our local hospital has a commercial grad hard shell that is $1,000 a dive but insurance helps.

  8. what a waste of an eeg! i hate those tests! for my daughter we knew her seizures were coming from the right part of the brain because she would turn her head to the left and it is the opposite.

  9. You are the bravest young person we have seen in a very long time. We have followed your mother's, art channel for a while. However, we were only just made aware of your channel. We have now subscribed and back tracked to this video to get a better understanding. Thank you for having the courage, conviction and determination to see this through. We have yet to see your later videos. But will binge watch ASAP. We will post or comment as we watch and share your bravery, honesty and the road to be seizure free. You can do this. 10:52 Minuets of you is enough to know you can do this and there are literally hundreds of thousands of us willing you, wishing you and praying for you in support. Go For it Girl!! Ant, Cid & the Pooch crew. SV Impavidus XX

  10. I'm not a doctor so take this with a grain of salt but have you tried another type of benzodiazapine/anti-seizure med other than Ativan? Reason I ask is because I've taken like 5 different kinds of these medicines as well as anti-depressants and each one had a very different effect. Some worked, others didn't seem to work at all. I always thought they were interchangeable but they aren't. I'll be completely honest with you here, the main reason I switched meds was because it was killing my sex drive. I'm a guy and I lost a girlfriend because of it (can't blame her). Then one day I read an article about an anti-anxiety, anti-depressant called Wellbutrin and how it has no side effects regarding sex. So I started taking it and within 2-3 months I was back to 100%. But again, this stuff varies from person to person. Some people who switch to Wellbutrin get panic attacks. There are other brands of anti-seizure meds on the market aside from Ativan, maybe it's worth scheduling an appointment with your doctor as well as a psychiatrist (these are head meds after all) and see what they think about trying other kinds of anti-seizure meds.

    In general, when you're ill and taking medication that doesn't seem to work, it's important to get a second, third and even fourth opinion. Doctors are humans, sometimes they make mistakes. I was misdiagnosed twice and spent like 3 years taking the wrong kind of medication. It happens. Either way, wish you a great day and nothing but good health and happiness for both you and your lovely mom.

  11. hey girl I feel you I've been there understand how things can change a car accident is what happened to me to change my mind is it hereditary but about 12 years ago I had something called the vagal nerve stimulator implanted and it has changed my wife so you might want to check into that just might check into the call The vagal nerve stimulator .

  12. Its called a vaccine lottery….every few vaccines they will actually put the biological weapon lyme into the vaccines…bill gates agenda 21…u can be tested from palo alto california from a place called igenix….dr jemsek is the no1 lyme doc in the world he is washington dc….i used to see him…lyme was causing my seizures…my name on twit is @Jellybeanammo if u want to know what i have found….

  13. thank you for starting this channel my daughter has cerebal palsy stage 1 so very mild seizures are common but never had one til she turned 5 meds and very low sugar diet healthy eating are helping her but its still a struggle as a parent we always worry about the future .
    I hope this is your year for seizure free
    you should read medical medium

  14. I’m so glad I came across this video!!!! I am so grateful to God for my intuition… for years I have avoided getting vaccines because it just didn’t feel right to me. This video is proof that it is possible for vaccines to have an adverse affect on certain people. Everything is not for everybody! 💯 and I don’t let nobody talk me into getting anything. Thank for being so transparent about your journey to be seizure free. Xoxo so much love to you and your mother! 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  15. Send you love from Germany. I hope you get detoxicated and get your brain repaired. I am MD in Germany. If i find something that helps Ill tell you. I would eat Vegan, no GMO, Bio (because of the toxins), do meditation for better relaxation and sleep. You can discuss fasting, but carefuly, because It might make you tired, but it helps regenerating cells.

    I am against Vaccines!

  16. I am SO sorry that our schooling and health syster caused you this pain. not only effecting you but your family as well. Its scary hearing this story bc you were forced to take these vaccines and then your doctors office gave you the wron shots. this can happen to anybody

  17. This is horrible .. I have been watching some of your videos and you are so strong to go through these seizures,they look so painful. I am from St. Catharines Ontario….a fellow Ontarian supporting your channel and praying for you! Get better beautiful!

  18. It was so cool to hear you describe how you see little dots as if you looked at a bright light too long. That's exactly how I described what I saw before my seizures start. I get partial complex seizures but haven't had them in years because I finally got the right medication. The first time I ever had a seizure was a few months after I had the MMR vaccine. I also was extremely sick for 1 month after the vaccine. I was 4 years old so I don't remember it, but once I hit puberty the grandmal seizures turned into the partial complex. I am so sorry you are having to go through this. You mentioned also in another video that people who have autoimmune disorders shouldn't get vaccines which I thought was interesting because I have Lupus and I am now wondering if that could have been associated with my Epilepsy starting after my MMR. Praying for you!

  19. Do you think that the medical profession will ever admit that those vaccines were the root cause of this or, in your case, are they still denying it had anything to do with the vaccines?

  20. can you do an update on legal action? have you taken any if not why? like if this isn't something you've had and started after vaccines wouldn't you take action?

  21. Meningitis vaccine is known to cause seizures. Haleigh Golden passed away after suffering from seizures after this vaccine. You are lucky to be alive. I’m so sorry this happened to you.

  22. I think You can sue whomever it was that gave you the wrong shots I mean You have to get through life What are you going to do after your MOM is not around anymore THEY STOPPED YOUR LIFE OMG I AM SO SORRY THAT ENDED UP BEING WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU AFTER And I also THINK you should make it a law That they do tests on every child before they give that child them shots to see if that child is going to be able to have that shot You should Make that a NEW LAW Called the Angelique Law That they do a simple test on every child before giving the kids the shots just so they do not end up getting sick Because You could save another person from having this happen to some one else and I saw in another one of your videos When you said something about that Some people have different I don't remember But Your mom said something along them lines In the video called answering your questions Sep 24 1019 When someone asked if you think kids should get shots or something like that and your moms answered it for you and her answer made me think well they should be able to test kids to make sure no other kids end up having seizures as well and I think that they owe you some money to get through life as well and I am NOT a sue people kind of person but Come on This is a huge thing that happened to you from something that was supposed to keep you from getting sick It ended up making You sick for LIFE and I do NOT aty all want you to get sad or down STAY THE HAPPY person you are but you can neverlive a normal life with out having someone there to make sure you are okay and safe YOU CAN CHANGE SOME LAWS and SAVE SOME LIVES!!! also you should be able for life pay someone to just be there for you when you are alone and your mother can't be there I'm sorry to say this but I really hope you are not suffering and I pray and hope the best for you But OH MY GOODNESS GIRL THEY OWE YOU SOME MONEY FOR LIFE Thank GOODNESS you live in CANADA Medical is free isn't it But How are you going to get through life if your mom is not around to be there for you ???I am so sorry I don't want to offend you in any way at all but I am thinking long term

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