The Harms of Marijuana & THC on the Young Brain

The Harms of Marijuana & THC on the Young Brain Bob and Brad with guest speaker, Chris the Pharmacist discuss the harms of marijuana and THC on the …


  1. wow people who are not drs that know anything about the drug giving their 2 cents that mean nothing. the plant is great for all people the thing that is bad is to much of a good thing and thc in the abount that will couse a high is to much you need 0.01% or less for a child or they are somewhat right. but the thing is that people do not see and understand with cbd is you need full plant extract with little but some thc-a both number 9 and 8 with all cbd and other compunnds they work together.

  2. Geniuses 'cite' science based 'facts. Most People do Not smoke cannabis to get 'high' these days with all the toxins in pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, and heavy metals in the air. WHO published a plethora of white papers, 164,000+ stating one cannot be harmed and or overdose when using cannabis. You'd think this discussion was the CDC's ill attempt at another crisis or something? You know, the MME the CDC put out, was solely based on opinion and entirely without scientific fact, evidence, or study of any kind? In addition, I know of 13 children inder the age of 15 years who're alive today because of cannabis – epilepsy in them was uncontrolled by synthetic medicines and 4 suffered brain damage from their seizures. Today, it's being proven that this cannabis is actually repairing the brain damage in some. Thank God for small miracles. The most dangerous drugs out there, is antidepressants…they kill and that's sad. Solve that issue please. As with many things, the lawsuits are about to roll

  3. This is for Bob…Why are you so self-righteous and say your son's friend uses marrijuana? Your point? I know… To let us know YOUR son doesnt use! Tell us about you, look at your own back yard. You just lost all your points and my respect for you. I will continue to see your videos because I love Brad, who is very humble, the way he takes your sarcasm with such Grace. It may be funny to you. I dont see it as funny when people use dabs of sarcasm to put down another person. It's mean and only intended to try to elevate yourself to Brads level of dignity and humility. You won't get there PERIOD. Please stop using him for your jokes. Use yourself.. That will be funny, since you already have caricature characteristics.

  4. Brad! Bob! This is Bullshit! You guys are really good but steer away from “experts” who don’t even offer studies that concur. Seems like this “pharmacist” is spewing crap he knows nothing about in order to protect the pharmaceutical industry. I really respect you guys but this brought my respect down some. Just say NO to bullshit!

  5. There have been no studies done on this subject because the government still has it classified as a number one drug and no studies are allowed . So what they have said is a total lie

  6. I was pretty much a daily pot smoker, a few hits a day unless we had some of the guys over…then the vap pens and blunts where making their rounds..cough! Cough! Anyway.I quit smoking cigarettes and vap pens , pot. My mental clarity is much better and I also feel I have a better grip on other area's of my life too. I have to admit quiting the cigarettes and drinking made the biggest change in my over all health . I just decided to quit the pot because I don't want to be inhaling anything I'm way more stressed out! And hope it gets better in time. I agree in most cases it's not a good idea for teenager's and young adults to be partaking. Im going on 64 so I think things will smooth out for me.I would rather eat the pot then smoke it.. I feel like a new women. 👍😉

  7. Hmm…at first my thoughts were GTFO, dislike. But I realized I have not watched this video in it's entirety….and So I have.
    Everyone will have their opinion and provide personal experiences. I decide not to add on. I will just say, like all things in life, moderation is key… cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome…interesting. Just that term alone… and being able look it up and educate myself about it was indeed profitable. I assume you guys already did a video about vaping too lol.

  8. Marijuana is used to treat pediatric diseases with great success, *without the side affects of big pharma prescriptions. These days when you watch commercials about the myriad of real drugs to treat diseases and pain, the side affects are worse than the actual affliction. I agree that recreational abuse of marijuana on the young brain is detrimental.. But to clain there is no use in pediatric medicine is a sin. I know several people who have used THC/CBD to treat people under 18yrs old, one was a leukemia patient. It was beneficial in more ways than one.
    Im going to unsubscribe, since I now believe im getting bad information.

  9. Fix your diet quit blaming pot. Anxiety and suicide if you are eating wrong and feel like shit. Also pharmaceuticals to treat anxiety and suicide will cause anxiety and suicide as a side effect. Read the insert lol

  10. I’ve smoked marijuana sense I was 18 years old and now just turned 21. I’ve never had any of these problems let alone think about killing myself. I’m not sure where you got this information or where the studies took place but I think what you guys are saying is far from the truth. Now just because I’m saying this doesn’t mean I’m condoning young children to smoke pot. Of course it’s not good for kids to be doing. I just think you guys are making it seem a lot worse then it is. I work with my dad at RoadMaster, I am a full time welder and make a good living for myself. I bought my own car live in my own studio with my girlfriend. I’m a hard working man and when I come home form work I’m definitely smoking some pot rather then drinking beer or alcohol. I always load a fat bowl in my bong when I get home from work and let it riiiiip hard until I’m baked! Hey how about you do a study on me because I turned out great. 👍🏼

  11. A lot of these comments show they are not even understanding the video. Underage is the key here. I get there are pros to weed for chronic pain and ptsd. But young people have a high risk for any medicine including weed and alcohol.

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