THE GUN LAWYER: If I Use Medical Marijuana, How Does That Affect My Concealed Carry License?

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  1. I’ve had seizures periodically starting in 2012. My last seizure was in 2015, currently I take medication from that time on and those seizures haven’t been occurring. Will this stop me from getting a conceal permit?

  2. Question. I was charged with domestic violence and assault but I plea dealt the domestic violence to Criminal mischief and the assault was dropped. So I was only convicted of Criminal mischief 3rd degree misdemeanor. Do I still have the right to purchase or own a firearm and apply for my CCW

  3. I have seen no firearms signs which say " no firearms even if you have a state permit" and signs that say " unless otherwise authorized by law" can you please explain the difference

  4. My state of CT. You choose either your medical cardnfor firearms. Can't even purchase a fire arm if you have a medical card. Because you need a permit to purchase any firearm even long guns.

  5. A coworker who is currently serving on the federal Grand jury told me that if a crime is committed with a firearm that was not manufactured in that same state ( it had crossed state lines though a distributor) extra charges can be added. Is there any truth to that?

  6. So there's no state law violation or implications there at all without the feds getting involved? It's strictly federal?

    Since marijuana by itself is illegal federally and guns + marijuana as a unit is illegal federally are local or state authorities more likely to report the latter to the feds and not the former? Or is it a matter of if the individual gets caught specifically by the federal authorities?

  7. Finally a straightforward answer and no dancing around the issue. Plain and simple everybody seems to think that weed is wonderful and should be not only legalized and decriminalized but made available on every street corner like a goddamn coffee shop. My generation was conned into believing that marijuana and Other Drugs were freeing and would make us special. It's just the opposite. Drugs were all introduced and shipped into the country by the CIA through the 60s until now. Marijuana is much like tobacco. At one point it was fairly benign. Then the corporate structure and the military industrial complex began dumping chemicals into them in order to use humans and Americans especially as Lab Rats. Most people wondered why smoking weed started to make them paranoid Into the late 70s and 80s. Now the weed is so strong it is basically turning the next Generations into total docile sheeple accepting anything they're told by authority and in turn criticizing anything that they are told is offensive. The other part of the game being played on Americans is the States are being encouraged to decriminalize and make weed available while the federal government continues to threaten you with imprisonment but more importantly have the ability to take away your guns! This is the end game for this entire notion that drugs are something that our generations should be allowed to enjoy. They've been used since the 50s to enslave Americans and keep us from thinking critically about who is running the world and why they are doing it. I used to smoke weed and do the occasional drug that was available but now realize that it's all a con. Take the gun. Leave the cannolis.

  8. No freedom. Nazi America cant do this cant do that evil sympathizing bootlickers and you're legalese fuck the law ,cops dont follow any laws !there's no law in America it's really just a free-for-all with code enforcers hunting humans for any and every reason they can

  9. You can’t buy a gun legally if you have a weed card …4473 asked that it’s one or the other ….pushing people to get weed illegally…..stupid but that’s the gov logic

  10. What about using CBD and having a CWW? I believe CBD is legal federally as long as the THC content is .3% or less. Thanks for your video and answer! All the best!

  11. It's sad that the prohibition against marijuana is still in effect at at federal level… the "reefer madness" reputation is only slowly losing momentum… violent pothead? Hell, I saw two potheads argue over an xbox controller once, but I doubt that would ever escalate into a gunfight

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