Puppy Having seizures | How I Find Dying Pup

Pup was in a cast and was not supposed to move much. The already weak pup could not even move for it’s nature calls. Every time it had to go attend, I would …


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  2. Thank you Daisy Malli for the update on pup. I’m so glad this sweet little one is doing well and I’m really glad the other vet was able to help with seizures and give pup vitamins B to help. When I seen in post that pup started to have them I was thinking oh no not something else as this sweet furbaby is now being looked after with a loving family who just want the best outcome for this little one.
    I will get a notification to let me know when you upload the next video. As I’m rooting for you all. I hope pups mum is doing well and all the other strays also. Thank you again for all you and your mum are doing. Have you named the pup yet? 💕🐾🐾💕

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