People Using Mental Health Reasons For Quitting Their Jobs


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  2. Ok, you got harry and meghan going over to Africa talking this crap and as you said Lisa..this is all very recent..well, it is happening because from what I was reading last year..they want to start mental health screenings in the schools and allow the schools to distribute medication to the children. This is another way for drug companies to make money and another way to get at our children. We shall see if this is the case and we need to get out of their schools asap!

  3. They think the opioid problem is bad, there are more on those psycho drugs than people would even contemplate. while we have to get on with it, they're popping pills like there is no tomorrow. As we see from their words and actions, they're smitten with madness

  4. They think the opioid problem is bad, there are more on those psycho drugs than people would even contemplate. while we have to get on with it, they're popping pills like there is no tomorrow. As we see from their words and actions, they're smitten with madness

  5. Not only that, but it would just be handing them a perfect excuse to fire you. They’ll encourage you to take a mental rest break, then invite you to apply for your job back.

  6. I agree with this article, white peoples suffer from alot of anxiety white women especially..They are the most unstable Creatures as u can see, FOR EXAMPLE I HAD AN WHITE YOUNG CO WOKER WHO TOLD ME SHE CANT SIT IN THE BACK SEAT OR SHE GETS SICK🤦🏽‍♀️

  7. The U.S. is being reduced on all levels by design by pseudoZionists. They are also inducing mental illness through negative conditioning as part of the takeover and total control of the population. Black people are at the bottom by design. With so many people with mental health issue, they are also planning a global religion as part of their New World Order.

  8. Thank you for going in! And the cowards that are using these excuses are the same failures and frauds who probably cheated in school and they now can't do the jobs they are hired to do because they DON'T KNOW what to do!

  9. Lisa, here is how I look at this. Baby Boomers are just mentally tougher than their younger counterparts. They were required to do more with less or they would just be left behind. Women were more likely to get married and therefore would not have to worry about getting up and going to work everyday to support themselves. And since majority of college graduates today are women, they now make up a significant amount of the workforce. Marriages have taken an irreversible nose dive. So the women no longer have the extra income in the home to depend on and they have massive student loans to pay off. For most of them this becomes overwhelming. Another factor, is that companies can no longer afford to make up job titles to justify paying Becky and Brad $80,000 a year because the CEO went to the same school they graduated from. Everyone now has to earn their keep, like the old days, and they can't handle it.

  10. These pale people aren't quitting their jobs because of mental illness. They're just  some lazy shiftless bastards who want to fuck off, and ride the clock while everybody else does the work.. Doing actual work is a foreign concept to these people. Historically these miscreants have always had everything handed to them while everybody else had to work for theirs.

  11. I can believe it. Many of these jobs have bosses with unrealistic expectations and a completely distorted picture of reality. A lot of these managers are INSANE out here these days.

  12. Hey Lisa, have you ever noticed that when they publish articles about these so-called generations, they never talk about our generation, generation X? It's like our generation doesn't even exist anymore, according to them. I don't know, maybe that's a good thing. Lol

  13. You do know millennials and GenZers are predominately minorities right? I’ve quit a job because of the stress and a decline in my mental health. They abused their employees, but in my case I got injured and told that if I took off I’d get demoted. So I worked and worked until one day I just couldn’t. They had to rush me to the hospital and I found out I developed an infection that spread and I needed to have emergncy surgery. They was still calling me knowing full well I was in the Hospital. I was kinda happy to be in the hospital, because that ment I got to rest. No more 80 hour work week. I got out out of the hospital only to receive 38k in medical bills. All these debts I had on top of this medical bill was the straw that broke the camels back for me. I got a psychiatrist and loaded up on medication in order to distract myself from the depression. I ended up giving up my high paying job because I didn’t know how long I’d be alive if I stayed. Me and many of my coworkers wanted to report the abuse, but it was clear HR didn’t work for the employees they work for the company.

    If you’re suffering from an abusive and toxic work environment that’s taking a toll on your health you aren’t LAZY. If you decide to leave and you know it’s best for you. Do it!

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