Oct. 9 2019. Legal outdoor cannabis grow. Update 2.

19 +viewer beware. Show you guys where im at today with the harvest of my final plant. Progress. The outdoor season is coming to a close.


  1. all i can say is wow bro , id be really happy with a great harvest like that , i got shut down so cant grow , i grew illegally for years after it went legal here in canada my landloard decided to be a dick and shut me down , all i can do now is watch you guys beautiful grows , cheers bro from new Brunswick

  2. Man you did well this season ! Got your self some cool things already like the bud trimmer thats whats up ! 😎 and as for you giving all your smaller stuff to your brother thats really cool too man ! Nothing goes to waste and means alot to some people. I remember when i when i first started smoking and a grower gave me a bag of trim and small buds for helping with some yard work and i was absolutely floored lol thought i was set forever but only lasted a week lmao. Little rant sorry 🤓😂

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