N.O.R.E. Says Jesus Is King is Garbage

N.O.R.E stopped by Nick Cannon Mornings and wanted all the smoke! The OG, currently known for his podcast, Drink Champs, came ready to fire at any and all …


  1. A Devil worshipper making Gospel music? 😂 and I think he’s opening up his own devil worshipping church LOL only Black ppl will fall for this bullshit and eat it up. And LOL at the guy at 30:00 defending Kanye like it’s his boyfriend. 😂

  2. Kanye as a whole is GARBAGE! From the stupid shit he says,to the whore he Wifed to all the classic rock and other music that he’s ripped off and got sued for over a thousand times.

  3. YO for all you little young negros who THINK that you know so much…PRINCE IS THE GOAT THAT ALL THESE talentless little niggas aspire to. Go check his catalog and shit on kanyes wanna be ass. BRUNO MARS? Have you seen his ELVIS impersonations? fuck kanye and fuck bruno

  4. To a non-beliver, this album is probably trash. To a Christian, such as myself this album is hot. You can see the growth in Kanye spiritually, and how he expresses himself. I also hope that he is sincere about his Christian walk. Only time would be able to tell that.

  5. Man Nore told the truth about that bullshit album and that is the bottom line. No hate just trust. Kanye is a genius in his own right. But he is definitely not the same Kanye from years ago. Peace

  6. That kanye albums is wack as hell and the shit he did last year was wack! Kanye has lost and has been losing his mind for a while now! To the point where is own wife is concerned about his mental health before he goes on tour. Pray for Kanye West he’s a simpleton! The life of Pablo was his last good album. Just keep pushing those big ugly ass orthopedic shoe people like.

  7. He should’ve hung on Ronnie when she said Bruno was better then Prince . What planet are you on ? Rush is a great band, it’s interesting how star brings up random rock bands on this show , clearly his audience has no idea . Neil Peart , one of the best drummers of all time and there albums are all flawless , supreme musicians. Finally I like that Kanye album

  8. Nore is a legend and always Been solid even without a recent Hitsong or album , He just spoke the truth cuz that album is straight Garbage trash and Kayne is a Confused false Prophet with a bunch of dumb suburban fanboys and girls

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