Medical Marijuana in Malaysia? | NEWSFLASH

Malaysia has hanged numerous individuals on charges of trafficking cannabis, but recently the wind has started to blow in a different direction – with Malaysia …


  1. I know you Malaysians are still learning about cannabis, but the studies show that THC is Imperative for cancer cures..CBD has many good benefits, but not a cancer cure on its own.

  2. its a pity your lady "specialist" is so far behind the times. Research has already moved on. She needs to catch up. This is why Msia is so far behind. She doesn't even know the corrrect name for CBD and THC!!! its cannabidiol and Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, not cannabinoid and 9 tetrahydracannabinoid

  3. Actually weed is not danger.. but if we use it overdose it will acfect our mind…That True..United State earn 3 billion dolar the tax money…Hope Malaysia Legalize Marajuana Soon…

  4. x byk negara boleh tanam ganja.. so kalau malaysia benarkan penanaman dan pengunaan maka malaysia boleh keluarkan ganja yang bagus.. ini sbb kite berada di garisan khatulistiwa.. yang mana cahaya mata hari ada sepanjang tahun.. kelebihan ganja sudah kita ketahui.. keburukkan nye hampir tiada jika digunnakan dgn betul.. setahu aku kalau pegang pokok ganja x kene samak mcm pegang babi kan..? so pokok tu halal lahhhh.. sokeyannn

  5. I'd rather the government ban alcohol and cigarettes to legalize marijuana. Alcohol and cigarettes are heck damn harmful and many times more addictive than marijuana. True story

  6. In my point of view , combustion of tobacco in cigarettes is categorized as a carcinogen which causes cancer . Furthermore, cigarette contains 4000 or more dangerous chemicals . For example , tar . Cigarettes can cause bronchitis , lung cancer and many more . Many people are diagnosed with dangerous diseases due to smoking cigarettes . A blunt or joint (rolled marijuana) has no dangerous chemicals in it and marijuana is used for cancer treatment as it kills cancer cells . Plus , till now , no one has suffered dangerous diseases due to smoking marijuana. So , negara lain dah “menghalalkan” , kita bila lagi ?

  7. Exactly it’s legal to sell cigarettes , alcohol, smoke and even being social drinker but not marijuana, it’s a joke. Interestingly hemp has many Industrial benefits like used for bio mass as alternatives for green energy.

  8. Stop playing God, science is clear on this, make it legal. And if you blame God, then ban alcohol you cowards. Don't say "weed will hurt you, and we want to keep you safe, so we will execute you"

  9. Big pharmaceutical industry
    Is allowed to make medicine from
    Cannabis. To sell to you for large
    Profits. When you can plant a tree
    And medicate yourself for free.
    Why support big pharma.

  10. Ada ke negara yg jatuh setelah meluluskan ganja ? Better Malaysia meluluskan ganja dan hapuskan pusat judi,club,pub,segala jenis arak,rokok dan dadah jenis lain .. I bet Malaysia will be a better country .. Everywhere we go , we go high,peace,happy asf.

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