Not all of the marijuana stocks will go for the ride on this next run but this particular stock has potential to take the ride and gain over 300%. MAKE MONEY …


  1. Hi Mickey Dee, Great Show, ACB, APH, are big guys, ACB greenhouses are state of the art, overhead cameras that are on tracks moving over the plants in every grow room every ten minutes.never lost a crop in newest greenhouse. they grow big time, and here in canada there mj sells out in stores, good product.

    many people in canada complain about canopy product, good company, need to improve product, at the end of the day you have to sell it and make money,

    APH is a good company, greenhouse massive, go on google maps, not as high tech as acb, good product that also sells well,
    they have been growing for years.

    ACB and APH both good companies, I would not count these guys out.

  2. HI Mickey Dee . one question. I have been asking myself, when I look at MMen, LHS,GGB,Planet13, ACRGF, VFF, IAN. CURA, etc.
    good companies. what are the going to be worth when USA legalize mj. This may take a year, a month, days, minutes .

    my second question I have beening asking myself, how do I buy these companies, I would like truck loads, I not talking 100 shares. like 10000, I think I have the answer. warrants, ggb has warrants, mmen has warrants, 20 cents Canadian, I have been buying some warrants of ggb and mmen, have to check if planet13 has warrants. buying a mom load of warrants.

  3. HI Mickey Dee, Great Job. VVF has been around for years, growing tomatotes in canada, usa, mexico.VVF has a lot of green houses in all three counties. big green houses, like really big. EMH and VVF have like a deal to convert some green houses for mj in canada. lots of people missing out on VVF and (EMH which has a few patients).

  4. The more I research about Cannabis companies, I see that there's privately owned companies creating momentum like BINSKE and Lowell . There's no stock to buy from either, but I feel it indirectly impacts stock companies like 1933 Industries. I like 1933, but brands like BINSKE are making moves and brings concern to me as an investor. Like you mention in other videos, given time, the chumps will be weeded out. I hope this won't be the case for 1933 all because of a private company like Binske being one step ahead doing the same thing creating a national presence.

  5. I don’t know any of VFF’s brands. Aphria has quite a few that are hot while margins keep steadily improving. But you’re right, VFF has an interesting structure and has potential to move. Zenabis and TDOG are dumpster fires.

    Thanks AGAIN Mickey. Appreciate the update on VFF. I just jumped back in ACB last week at $3.60 so I'm up a little (at least for now). Expect their price to rise at least up till financials are released Nov 11. How about doing a video on stocks that are under the USMJ umbrella? You could give everyone a clear view of that operation and perhaps save some subscribers a lot of money and a big headache. God bless my friend.

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