Marijuana Documentary – Northwest Trees (2016)

Marijuana documentary 2016 – An independent documentary film by Ben Grayzel. I made this marijuana documentary in 6 weeks during a break from University.


  1. I use or Use marijuana products CBD oil to control pain one thing I can say is nothing worked better for my spasticity from cerebral palsy ever since starting my desire alcohol is pretty much gone! Big Pharma is the big problem in this country canabis is the solution too many peoples Health problems it's time to federally legalize it!

  2. I dont even know how mnay times I've watched this doctumentary. I watched it since it came out, and it is one of my favourite weed documentaries. I feel like people dont really get into the youth drug culture and try to understand it for what it really is, most people just look at it like kids wanting to rebel or things like that, but you actually take the time in this doctumentary to show all different sides of people who smoke, and show that it is just not the kid with problems at home , that it can be straight a students or people with well put together lives. Though you show that you still show that weed is not a 100 percent safe way of having fun and there are some responsibilities and consequences that can come from it. Overall this was a great documentary and keep up the great work.

  3. nuking may give you a rush and make you feel higher but because of the nicotine, which is why it becomes more addictive, and also may cause more agitating kinds of emotions, as the body detoxes the nicotine.

  4. Hahah "I used to smoke it a lot when I was a kid." lol bro you are a kid if you were only six when zombies was out on ps3 or x 360. Damn I remember being young like you are man and I was doing the same damn thing so I can't judge just be smart about the choices you make in life and stick with the weed don't do any other substances and you'll be good. Keep toking buddy.

  5. Mad she said that someone who is "high" (as these kids call it) can turn and go the wrong way on a street. Are you for real?

    My dudes waitin for fn stop signs to turn green! Not killing people

  6. To the Kids take er easy cheesy live yer life for Love don't go to Jail fer stupid Bros Keep the Faith love for the sake of Peace suck it up Big Man. Tomorrow's Children Weep .

  7. I Smoked tobacco far before Weed in lthe early 80s My sister introduced me Lsd and mushrooms in GR 7 our Father was very intimadating .! we stay clean? I still smoke tobacco and Pot . Thank God love the ?

  8. whoever made this video is a bigger nerd the the ppl in the video. i mean who the fuck cares about whay a bunch of brain dead kids think about legalization. i can also tell you none of us want to hear you the rertarded old wives tales you tel each other and accept as fact, like the baby being given weed to calm it down lolol,
    i mean i grow cannabis and this video and it's participants make me want to start another war on drugs

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