Legendary investor Danny Moses says the U.S. cannabis market is 'the big long'

Danny Moses, Merida Capital, on the investment opportunity of a lifetime. With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Karen Finerman, …


  1. Usa companies invest in USA. Curaleaf just bought their own shares. Green thumb management promised not to sell their shares. Compare this to garbage Canadian companies that dilute their shares to hell and give huge bonuses to management while running huge losses, not meeting goals, and then turn around and invest in other companies because they know their own company is a dumpster fire while they don’t even meet their own expansion goals! I won’t even get into health Canada’s slow ass approval process causing companies to trash millions of dollars worth of product.

  2. US retail sales unexpectedly fell in December -1.2%, the largest decline in 9 years. Analysts had expected retail sales to have increased 0.1%. Retail sales are renowned for their volatility. Under normal circumstances one weak reading by no means constitutes a new trend. However, these dire figures feed directly into the market fear over slowing economic growth. This explains why we havre seem such a dramatic market reaction.

    The figures showed a broad weakness across most sectors, fuelling concerns that the cooling of the US economy from prior quarters, could be greater than initially projected. Although interestingly this goes against the impressively strong labour market data which we saw in December and January. US futures quickly erased gains resulting in a weaker start for Wall Street.

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