Joe Rogan Wants Everyone to Smoke Weed – Joe Rogan: Rocky Mountain High – Uncensored

Joe Rogan claims that the most staunch anti-drug activists actually need weed the most and gets freaked out by the multiverse. Subscribe to Comedy Central: …


  1. The paranoia that we get from marijuana is a blessing. It will change your life. Whether you are religious or secular…it will make you critique yourself rationally. You'll either clean your house and write a book or you'll lock your self in the bathroom and pray.

  2. For a lot of people as soon as that shit touches the lungs it's all over: like a spiritual allergy, I'm serious. Don't fuck with it ever if you have any doubts or a family history of schizophrenia, anxiety, or bipolar. If you think you're good, start really fucking on CBD, because I've seen older folks with no mental illness have terrible anxiety attacks on high-CBD strains too, they recovered but it wasn't pretty. A lot of lives destroyed very quickly by this shit. I guess reefer madness was real after all. Hell, Joe Rogan enjoys getting paranoid on weed – weird as fuck. But you ain't Joe fuckin' Rogan.

  3. I smoked weed for years, but it didnt helped me right before my engineering evaluations, so i stopped it.

    The only drug that i didnt like was cocaine. But i wouldnt enjoy alcohol.
    But i usually dont use shit anymore.
    Im unnemployed, my wife wouldnt be happy to come from work and find me stonned with my dick in my hand.

  4. Do people really find Rogan exceptionally funny? Like he's funny, but not stand up funny. Maybe he would be if he stopped fucking extending nuance facts into every. fucking. joke.

  5. Spinning in infinity does come up, just not with 95% of the population, & when it does come up with them, it's usually in some smug under appreciative way that bluntly ignores we're just atoms that think they're alive.

    Conscious matter, now why on this earth would any of that ever be worth contemplating with this machinery we've been given in a time when were just finally waking up to the massive wondrous scale of it all.

    & then there's infinitely more regions of space possibly beyond the particle horizon that relativity conveniently hides from all because only the past lies farther away, so we never could witness beyond.

    Just a simple draw distance like in Minecraft

  6. I love your interviews with Ben Shapiro. I’m a Catholic but I do smoke a little weed I think if God didn’t want us to take medication he or she wouldn’t have given us doctors. I have ptsd from a childhood trauma so it helps me relax I don’t take medical marijuana I just get mine from a friend it’s not legal in my state so I don’t give a fuck I’m sixty years old so Fuck the state.I’m old enough to decide for myself what’s best for me!

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