Joe Rogan STUNNED By Cuban Marijuana Laws

Joe Rogan, Joey Diaz, and Yoel Romero on the illegality of marijuana in Cuba.


  1. And if the cops dont like you, they can easily plant a joint in your car, house etc, and you're gone for 20yrs, corrupted justice system as well. You can have all the witnesses, good lawyers, even have footage of the cop planting the joint there, and you will still lose the court case.

  2. Joe, same thing if you get caught with one J in Antigua/Carabiean but if your a local but if your visiting on vacation $3000-5000 pay off to get out & home!! That was back in 1996 not sure what the deal is now

  3. Whoah i knew joey spoke some cuban and i kno that english is his second language but i thiught he had forgot how to fully speak cuban but nope and it is cool as shit to see joey speaking his nstive tongue.

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