Joe Rogan Experience #911 – Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo

Alex Jones is a radio show host, filmmaker, writer, and conspiracy theorist. Eddie Bravo is a jiujitsu black belt, music producer, and author.


  1. It’s funny that Eddie mentions Star Wars when asking about directors who are trying to start a dialogue about things going behind the scenes (especially the Prequels), because that’s the whole story behind Star Wars. In that series, we see how easy it is for the public to deceived and have them keeping them in the dark about the goings on with the government.

  2. Joe now knows Alex was right about super AI with the 5g rolling out everyone buckle up shits gonna start to get crazy. Eddie you have diarrhea of the mouth. Put a fuckin sock in it.

  3. I believe what Alex was talking about in his basically gestalt about ppl becoming apart of a neural network basically, is that some programs that is under the DoD and NSA are called Sentient World Simulation (SWS) & Simulex. And thkse programs basically takes the data that is collected from us everyday, finds patterns within all of the stored data, literally creates a digital DoD clone of yourself and uses the said data to basically make societal predictions of some sort. There's one NSA data center in bluffdale Utah.

  4. Not like it matters now or has to be believed, but – I have a close friend who’s worked with a few intelligence agencies and still has a handful of friendships there. The intelligence agencies photographed and x rayed (think it’s the correct term) the entire island, all the tunnels, rooms everything is all mapped out

  5. The shadow government are a bunch of gangsters, they say Tootsie giclee team up with professional criminals i e La Cosa Nostra for instance give you an example they were running numbers till the government got involved two Maids Lottery. So every time we need some gangster stuff happening they go to the best Lucky Luciano held down the ports in New York and not one incident happened. They're learning how to be gangsters and make gangster moves manipulating the Constitution and all of our rights and side hustles to make money. It's time to gangster back up on these people make sure you have plenty of ammunition and water cuz that's what it's going to come down to the next will be the water wars. It's impossible for the earth to stop having natural resources they're going to keep going on with natural resources we will be the ones who will die it will affect us not the earth the earth fixes itself. Always has always will now we actually have video and proof of all the stuff in the Holy Quran, the Bible, Etc. And people still don't get it so like I said, stock up on ammo you only need one gun maybe a couple backups what not take this seriously it's happening it's starting and Venezuela they're doing it to Venezuela first do your research like Eddie would say look into it. I've looked into it for over 20 years and have had my connections confirmed look back in history. It's repeating itself and like when Obama called America and Empire I was shocked all Empires fall if we're getting that close to the end there's your proof right there when they call America no longer the land of the free home of the brave us Patriots still are here we're not stupid and we can't be fooled all Empires Must Fall all empires, will fall be prepared don't let them stamp you or take you out and give you any shots no more this is the time right now the revolution will be televised not only is it being televised, it's in your hand on your phone it's everywhere it's in the sky is everywhere how stupid can this generation be not paying attention to the history, and seeing what's going on right now I feel sorry for their mothers LOL but this is serious God bless all of you and I hope you stuck up on your ammo. Signed anonymous

  6. I just searched for this video yesterday by typing in JRE Alex Jones, but I couldn't find it and assumed it must have been taken down. Today I see this video in my recommended feed. If there isnt internet censorship around this man, I dont know how to explain my experience.
    And after hearing all of Alex's predictions from years ago that are coming true now including Epstein and internet censorship.. its hard not to at least listen to Alex.

  7. Alex hates Jamie, I would too, someone sitting there fact checking everything you say immediately.
    Funny everything he says, over a hundred subjects, and they're all true.
    Jamie needs google, but Alex is a cloud server

  8. This is kinda freaky listening to this shit in October of 2019. Sooooo much shit he said has happened. No wonder he feels crazy sometimes. People always tell him he's crazy, and dismiss him right from the beginning. It's pretty clear he's not just talking crazy. We all need to pay attention to the shit he says.

  9. Alex, I'm 100% on your side, by the way, Media portrays you, and the whole "conspiracy-community". I've never heard you say a single racist thing, and I've never read a conspiracy article, where anything alt-right was said.
    There are some crazy antisemites, yes, but they're actually insane, talking about the tree of life, conscious light bullshit.
    But you gotta dial it back a little. You say "I know so much stuff!" Yes, you have the knowledge, but that doesn't mean, this knowledge is the truth. I've looked into some conspiracies, some are extremely plausible, some are facts, many are theoretical, but there is a huge amount of intentional misrepresentation on the internet. Now, if that's from the CIA to discredit these, or from the Russian Government, to make people like you become anarchists, I don't know.
    But this world is fucked, that's true.

  10. Never watched Alex Jones because he seemed crazy…after watching this , he nailed it. Buy guns and ammo my friends, this isn't going to end well. Great job Joe…been binge watching the JRE podcasts

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