Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument

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  1. but you don't need to simulate all years of history and all billins of people. It's the same as with other things – you only need to simulate the one thing in scope now. I don't know full human history and i don't know it for sure, so there is no need to simulate that, it's just some static data. I don't see billins of people, my daily life includes several dozend and most of them are pretty simple crowd simulations. All the rest "world" like "leaving" it's life can be simulated as a system, not as billins of indivifuals to produce some daile events for me.
    And yes, who says there is anyone "real" in this simulation, except me? If you go back and make current being the center of it's reality – it's not that hard to simulate this reality even with current technical level.

    So if i'm leaving in my personal simulation – there's no way i can find it out. And there's not way to prove it right or wrong.

  2. I don’t believe in simulation theory. Considering the ultra complexity, level of technology, and the degree of computing power that running a simulation of this resolution would require (especially as it would include simulations inside of simulations), by the time the creators even developed this technology they would no longer even have to run a long form simulation. The simulation itself would be tedious, wasteful, and unnecessary. They would just need the results, which, again, wouldn’t require running an actual long form simulation.

  3. What if you only wanna study one person, live through them, and study them to reduce processing power, there’s nothing to prove you’re alone and everything is simulated for you and you alone

  4. The whole premise of this video is that a simulation is carried out using technology that we understand. It isn't. The Technology, if that is what you want it call it, is more organic, more vibratory. It is also dimensional. Many states exist in the same place, but in different dimensions. Time is in the Ever Present Now. Humans can transcend the simulation as you call it through the mind. The first step is understanding what we can do. 😊

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