Is Marijuana Vaping Toxic?

Sales of marijuana oil cartridges used for vaping soared 400 percent between 2015 and 2016. But is this growing trend safe? Subscribe to The Doctors: …


  1. They are putting out a LITTLE misinformation here. In the beginning they confused NICOTINE vaping with THC vaping. When vaping cannabis oil, Vegetable Glycerin and Propelene Gylcol should never be present. The big issue here is black market THC cartridges. Obviously they touched on this, but if you are buying catridges you only want LAB TESTED 100% distillate or LIVE RESIN single source cannabis flower. No Dank Vapes or Mario Carts kids. Wait until you are 21.

  2. No I been vaping mmj for 7 years and my lungs are perfect I also vape nic as well, buy legit please don’t buy off the black market, there’s formaldehyde in cigarettes and in the pot ones they don’t add flavor, and they thin it with terpenese these people are idiots

  3. Been smoking top shelf cartridges for years never had a problem. The dank vapes are fucking people up it's not the thc it's the cutting agents that greedy scumbag black market dealers are cutting low grade distillate with such as PEG and vitamin e acetate out of sheer greed hell you can buy dank vape packaging online and fill them with whatever you want. Ask yourself is your health worth a couple extra bucks that you could have used to buy legitimate state tested carts stay smart stay healthy

  4. This shit is for old people and people who are stuck in their own little comfortable bubble. There's not one real THC cartridge on that table. These are the same people who'd categorize fake weed with real weed.

  5. THC is NOT toxic!

    You can't smoke, vape, or eat enough to kill you… it's simply impossible.

    And 7,000 years of human experience with cannabis backs up that fact.

    The media can lie and mislead all they want, it won't change the fact that cannabis is not toxic.

  6. it’s not the thc oil. the flavor is bad. saying mcdonald’s food is worse is ignorant. if you were to inhale the shit in the food would be so bad too. the flavoring is meant to eat not inhale

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