1. Great testimony!!! Day 6 of no smoking and I hit a blunt and a half yesterday. It is HELLA hard to quit cold turkey. So I'm going to start exercising and meditating todaYYY!!!

  2. ive been smoking everyday for ten years and i have to go to a 3 day program in a month because i got caught driving and smoking. im super scared and anxious but im gonna try to smoke less and quit before im there :/

  3. I’m in the beginning stages of starting a business and that’s been the driving force for me wanting to quit too. Pretty much if I ain’t workin I’m smokin so I know I need to quit.

  4. Bro I had been smoking for 13 years since i was 14 and now im 11 days sober. I know its not a lot but boy ive never felt this good! I never gave my brain a chance to be sober I was always high every day. Lets be honest any drug will always drag you down. Best of luck man!

  5. My freind said to me your putting a smoke screen in front of you, what are you hiding from ? And I haven’t looked back, i had to deep it I was smoking out of boredom and escaping my problems

  6. I want to quit but at the same time i just want to quit smoking on a daily, i want to smoke it but just once in awhile you know. but yeah weed makes me lazy :/ I'm spending 45 to 50 for a cartridge for a gram and I could of been saving that money for something. preach it bro.

  7. Damn a lambo???!! How much did you used to smoke a day? I used to smoke a lot when I was young but now I could make a 40 dollar eighth last a month. All it takes is like 3 pulls on today’s high grade. Unless your tolerance is massive.

  8. I heard CBD oil takes away all the withdrawals for daily smokers when they quit. But it’s a lil expensive, you have to get real full spectrum CBD oil not the stuff on amazon.

  9. Congrats man. Yea weed just mimics what we already have inside us.

    Edit : CBd flower from starseed is bomb. (Heavylifter) no anxiety at all without all the lazy, lethargic come down

  10. Great video!! Everything you said was some real shit straight up! One thing I wanted to say, I noticed at the end you said that you’re gonna “try” to stop and continue to keep it going not smoking. Words are powerful, I would never tell another man what to do, but I would suggest saying “you’re gonna stop” instead of “trying to stop”. Just some advice from my experience dealing with it. You’re an inspiration for a lot of people out there who are trying to quit. Good luck on your journey, this is only the beginning.

  11. I’m so glad I came across your video everything your saying is 100% true I’m about to begin my journey on quitting weed and your video is inspiring to help me wanna stop I would really love to hear a update.

  12. Man up cold turkey is the best route just know the withdrawals is coming so you just need something to help you sleep . insomnia is the worst part. Melatonin?? Just got to suck it up and deal with it by occupying your time. Working out is good especially if you overweight from them munchies 😂😂

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