I Discovered the very Best vaporizer cartridge for thick oil shatter BHO concentrates "CCELL"

this video gives a closer look at the CCELL cartridge that i use to make super potent vaporizer cartridges out of top shelf shatter. you can get the carts here: …


  1. Im using ccells with the Mystica II. I never primed my cart before vaping. How dumb was I lol…amazing for seeing this. I was wondering about how many volts do you run the cart at? What is your mix ratio? I'm new to all this. I made my first cart with .7 peg and .3 concentrate…is that to weak?


  2. You said you mixed 5g with peg. What is peg. Is that peg 400. Im looking for something to emulsify my very thick qwiso that was made from high grade kief. Its been winterized and comes out very thick but not shatter. Im trying to use clean qwiso,true terp's and something to keep it stable. I could really use a bit of help. Maybe just a tip or two if you could help a mofo out. Thanks

  3. Thumbs up man.. I filled my first today with winterized rosin and terps – now I know that I was being ripped off on all these $35 diluted cartos from the "clubs"….

  4. So I ordered a bunch of cartridges with a plastic black tip and they all gave off a burnt taste when I hit them. Do u or anyone else know of an alternative option to this that works well? Because I can’t spend $2.75 per cartridge unfortunately.

  5. Does the distillate stay the same colour right untill you finish the cartridge as i've noticed mine get darker. I have been using bho dilited 1:2 with pg juice so this may have been a factor. Going to up my game and just use pure thc distillate so want to know if the same will happen with this or if it will stay a nice colour to the end.

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