How to properly dose Cannabis Oil FECO RSO made simple !

Here’s a super easy way to start using cannabis oil ! It’s truly an amazing medicine ! Check us out on Facebook …


  1. This was a great vid. Up here in Canada it’s easy to get cherry oil but never tried eating it. Will dose small. I’ve read having a small bit with Nutella works. Cheers

  2. Congratulations Survivor! And thank you so much for sharing this video. I was frantically searching on dosage for my Father's Multiple Myeloma, this has helped me so much. I will be micro dosing him just as you say. If he feels ok then I'll do the working backwards approach. 10pm – 6pm – 2pm etc. 4 hour intervals seems key and sensible to me. Thanks, new sub 🙂

  3. Hey thanx for the video bc I just started taking the RSO oil or I forgot wat u said real name is bc I bin starting out with a half grain of rice and fillen like im melting in the couch lol but good look on the info

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