How to Pick and Smoke a Weed Pipe | Total Beginner's Guide to Weed

So, you want to try smoking weed with a pipe, but you’re not sure where to start. Here’s a basic rundown of what each type of cannabis pipe is for—and how to …


  1. My bowl is my more on the go pipe. I just pack it, put a little pice of paper over it and put some plastic wrap over it. I took it skiing that way once and it worked out great My bong is my at home pipe.

  2. I have more qualifications when i choose my pipes. How big is the bowl, how small is the hole in bowl, how long is the neckpiece, how big is the bubble, and how small is the carb. I look for certain sizes for better toking and for easier cleaning. Plus i like clear pipes. If i cant see the resin, its a no go for me.

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  4. I have done pot only once in my life and I was laughing even at sad stories (not gonna bore u guys with details) but does anyone know y was I having a big smile on my face ???

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