How To Make Potent Medical Grade Cannabutter

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  1. Imo those "impurities" are a bunch of terps you're not gonna feel now. I always just do. Bud in melted butter on low for 2 hours. Strain it, and pour it right into the brownie mix

  2. Did you use cured bud or “freshly” harvested flower?

    And if you’ve tried both, is there a markable difference between them?

    I would think nicely cured bud would be best….
    Reason I ask is I am currently curing my first real successful harvest I got(mostly thanks to your videos, thanks!the first grow didn’t go so well….) and am dying to make a batch of this butter but almost can’t wait the month or so for the bud to cure properly….

    I’m eager to try and make some now(buds have been curing for 10 days). But I’m willing to wait a little longer if it’s worth it. Don’t want that “freshly cut weed” taste in the butter after all…

    Thoughts?or maybe just try both lol

  3. It's just my opinion,,how I don't it is put the butter in a jar, in a pot , melt the butter,, spoon off the fat after it's melted,,then add my weed packet. I usually go for about 8hrs or so on low stove top.

  4. i just had a go at this and fucked it up big time. I heard 250 degrees and treated it as Celsius. I left the house to pick up some groceries and I came home to 9 grams burnt to a crisp. Big fuckn rip…

  5. Just barely finished mine! Followed your instructions, perfectly. I’m excited to mix up a batch of brownies tonight with this recipe. What can I expect as far as potency? Thanks, for sharing this method!

  6. So i do this when making gumbo in the beginning it asks for roux (equal parts butter and flour) at 1 cup it’s very strong ends up around 80mg per 8oz bowl soup

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