How To Get Started Growing Outdoor Cannabis – (Everything You Need To Know!!!)

What’s up to everyone that’s part of the Gromie army!! I hope this video is helpful for the new growers out in the world. I wish I would of had a video like this to …


  1. Oh my God bro I can’t wait I’m getting everything in another week or two just hope I don’t get started too late I am going to do a copycat exactly everything you’re doing bro My boss at the dispensary is letting me do 25 plants at the farm I cannot wait to show up The master growers at tha farm bro love you big bro

  2. Crop rotation bro expensive. Till your yard plant late throw a handful of seeds. Weed out the males. You want two or three foot plants top cola gets hard easier to reach. Dude the third world people got it down. Shit ain't like that on rest of the world. Your garden is super killer. But $$$$$$$$$ watch strain Hunter's and how them people do

  3. Well as of tonight I had 10 rowing as of tonight I heard young kids over the back of my fence and I'm sitting there smelling my perfect but signal another 10 days left images of kid jumping up on the fucking fancy I wouldn't got my loppers got my big garbage can start sucking a lot in my shit and sticks stuff in it in the garbage can I look like Santa Claus the garbage man or something coming in five plants I still have five out there but I'm going back out there with my shotgun swipers don't come to my house I have a pain that I'm making a swimming pool and the pain would end up being the bottom of that so I can call somebody going to be down there hopefully not fuck you Rippers yeah I've been ripped off I've been ripped off twice one with a Mexican tie and I cried and I fought the guy in his house and it was a setup we set him up to where I was on the phone or she was my wife was on the phone with her while matter slider at her town house here in the motto and I just beat the fucking shit out of there we destroyed his catching the latest kitchen cuz you later so yeah I just rolled in there and he was on the couch sitting and she was talking I just went right up to his face and didn't even see me since I just been over he started throwing up and caught showed up he got up and actually started throwing up and then he got up and started wailing on me and I just held tight feeling so you can't hit nobody of your tight right like in the Natick right cops called I sat out and curb and cried that's that's sad that's why I don't want to be ripped off again you know and that's that's the shity you to do on the other side of fence with a fucking flashlight I have chain link fence with a weed guard on it fencing material motherfukers so did you harvest too early I think everybody Harvest about 30 days to early because I harvest my shit when you harvest yours and it was Fuzzy crap so I just held back and said I'm not going to touch it the trichomes weren't even correct but you know what they're coming up nice now I got what you called black Durbin it's the placket The Look by plant is Black Rock on Huey

  4. Love all the advice throughout the grow this year. Keep it up. I plan to move into a greenhouse/hoophouse im going to build with stainless steel. Im going to buy a diy kit from tunnelvisions after i get a quote on the size Im interested in. Will update in my channel and on this comment if i remember.

  5. Kill’n it bro!!! Quick question, any particular reason you chose to do t(e cover crop and dirt now vs closer to the season?
    Im asking because I just figured new fresh dirt and amendments and newer cover crop say February March would be just as good or not as good compared to planting and soil now? You got me thinking I should start now but also think I should be good in feb March. Thoughts?

  6. ANYONE WANTING TO GROW WATCH AND FOLLOW THIS CHANNEL AND THAT NOT A FANBOY TYPE OF THINGS TO. I found this channel last year around this time and from then to this harvest I've learn so much. If I had the space and time to grow i have confident to do so just by watching his videos. He tells you everything he does,everything he use and leaves nothing out. AGAIN NOT A FANBOY TYPE OF SHIT JUST LOVE THE VIBES AND KNOWLEDGE THAT IS PROVIDED.

  7. Man kgb you do have a sick garden. I cant grow outdoors where i live. I dont think its fair the state i live in and am moving to wont let you grow outdoors. To many rules to go over. Just enjoy watching your vids and would love to someday grow outdoors

  8. Mate you no longer have in my opinion just as valuable lessons to be learnt available and that’s your 2017 season I used to watch when you like many that watch on were just starting out looking for knowledge on modern outdoor and making mistakes. I took a great deal from that early stuff that was part of the evolution of where your now at. It’s a Shame they disappeared .

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