How To Collect Kief From Your Trim – (The Cheap & Easy Way)

I know this is not the best way to do this or the most efficient way but it works for me and I just want to show you guys that there are easy and cheap ways to …


  1. This is great, for folks that have been throwing that stuff away or giving it away, it’s another great idea to collect some personal keif and or products for additional things to enjoy, fo sho! In my family that owns multiple car dealerships and also we are farmers of various fruits, I like to call this ADP, for those that don’t know what that is, additional dealer profit! 👌👊🤫

  2. I make bubble hash with all my trim and small nugs. This year Canada is legal so I will be making plenty of hash and some edibles. Already made 3 half oz presses for the rosin lol.

  3. You're supposed to rub it on the screen gently, then tap the side while shaking. You're powdering the trim and allowing it to fall through with the kief using your method. Keep doing it like that if you like green kief man. Like I said Bubble bags and use ice or dry ice. But only do it that way if you like it blonde 😁. Also keep your screen clean, they clog fast which drastically decreases yield. Use rubbing alcohol.

  4. if your looking two sell that trim bag i may be interested… i don't have a lot of money but if you want a cupple of bucks i may be able two ..???i like the dry ice keef collection just a simple 5 gal bucket drop all the shake in the bucket then put dry ice in there with the shake,,,they take micron bags pull it over the top of the bucket then all they do is shake in the bucket like a giant salt shaker and all the keef shakes right out the bucket top…

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