How Long does Boveda Last with Cannabis? | #AskBoveda

In this episode of Cannabis 101: Scott explains just how long Boveda will keep your flower fresh, as well as some factors that may either increase or decrease …


  1. I have an acrylic jar for my cigars. It has been a year and the boveda packs are still good. I just smoked a year old cigar and it burned just fine and definitely wasn't stale.

  2. ExpectBass
    I recently brought the 62% 60grams packed, as you mentioned they have come individually wrapped in that plastic sort of paper. When i actually want to use the packs in my jars etc, do i need to take them out of this individual plastic wrap, or shall i put it in the jar with that plastic wrapper over the boveda pack? Sorry if it’s a silly question, but no one makes this clear

  3. Not having much luck with these. Up to three now in a seasoned humidor with just under 70 sticks. This video helps. I'll be moving them to my long term storage and use something else for daily storage.

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