How CBD helps with my anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, and chronic pain immensely

Hey guys — I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m trying to push hempbombs on you guys, but I found out that that is the best brand for me. If you guys are interested in …


  1. i would love to try cbd oil but finding a doctor in Australia that will help out with it is impossible. i have tried. I cant afford to buy it straight off the internet but Im about at my wits end with pain management anxiety and a heap of other problems i have that i care not to go into right now. I just wish it was more accessable in Australia, .. our government sucks.

  2. I may check it out. I have chronic hip pain and arthritis and have been looking into CBD. I stay off the opiates because I had a problem with them about 17 years ago. Someone told me about another brand called Not Pot, but I think that's in pill form.

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