How and When to Flush Cannabis Plants The Right Way

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  1. So 14 days before harvest in soil should you only start watering your plant's with clean water or 14 days before harvest you should put the triple gallons of water as your pot to flush it???what's the right way i am so confused

  2. Is this a promo video about how to enter some contests or a detailed tutorial on flushing?

    Because I can only find one little part about the flush. And the advice is basically; "check with the manufacturer "…

    I do like the look of things here, anyway. And you got a sub out of it. But the title is misleading.

    New title: "How I'm planning to increase my Instagram presence".

  3. IV read some opinions that flushing the plant does little for quality and taste.i don't wanna go into all the specifics but the argument makes some sence,of course there are dif variables to support either way(to flush or not to flush) but I believe it's a topic in need of more studies.

  4. You dont flush the plant it wont come out the buds in the way people think over feeding among other things will cuz bad taste with the build up of to many sugars and yes by not flushing but you flush to put the plant in the senescence stage ,u want to flush to stop the intake of nutrients to aid in senescence ,u flush the soil not the plant, with that said by flushing you are letting the plant die and use the last of its nutrients witch is the senescence stage, your not flushing the plant out the plant is just dying using the last of its nutrients witch I guess could be flushing the plant just not how people think ,lol,just saying who knows really but I am stupid so dont listen to me lol, hope it's not confusing and not hating on anyone

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