Governor signs bill expanding medical marijuana use in Texas

Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 3703 into law, expanding the list of conditions approved for medical marijuana use.


  1. Great job govenor Abbott. what about the rest of Texas that elected you to office. keep big pharma out of the pocket of Texas government. Sealed indictments are comming to Texas government for treason, satanic pedofile worshipers, human trafficers, child trafficers. Thank you Father in heaven for using the Q team and Potus to clean out the swamp in Texas government. Hope we don't have to vote in another govenor, i like abbot. WWG1WGA

  2. Colorado: "Let's let everyday American citizens open shop and earn a living rather than forcing our citizens to buy from sketchy dealers."
    Texas: "Let's build a bunch of Prisons and use marijuana(which kills nobody, unlike cops) as a method of imprisoning half our citizens so prison owners and big pharmaceutical industries can continue to thrive."

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