FOX43 Focal Point: Cannabis in the Commonwealth – Should Pennsylvania fully legalize marijuana?

FOX43 Focal Point: Cannabis in the Commonwealth – Should Pennsylvania fully legalize marijuana?:


  1. Stupid, fearful rubes. Schedule 1 narcotic? That's a laugh. How many people die from opiates each year? How any die of alcoholism? There are too many to count. How many die each year from cannabis? ZERO.

    If you take a thousand people and have an open bar for 5 hours, there will be fights, people killing others from automobile accidental and a whole lotta mess. But it's ok, it's legal.

    Take those same people with unlimited cannabis? We run out of Doritos!

    What a joke!

  2. Crime is actually down in Colorado from when it was legalized and in fact was at a all time low. It may have risen a bit since then so they will make it look as if pot had a contribution of it going up lol.

  3. I consider cannabis to be already legal. Just because our politicians lack the testicle fortitude to actually make a change, the people of Pennsylvania have already made their voices clear. It needs to be fully legalized!

  4. So let's just go against what people want no matter what it is even if it's not found that marijuana increases crime! No did you forget what your job is? Its to do what the people want dictator. That guy is not even a real republican sorry people Republicans support your choices in life.

  5. Yea we got a a senate that is willing to go against the people that is willing to legalize cannabis but this drug war it’s self is a sham criminalizing people and ruining their life than the drug it’s self and when I went to the listening tour and franklin county the representatives in franklin county trying to push it away and didn’t even show their faces to listen to what we have to say but one of them had the audacity to call this listening tour a sham no you are quit playing politics with our lives!

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