Expecting Father Tears Apart Relationship With His Own Family (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Poyer v. Poyer: A woman from Flushing, N.Y., sues her son for allegedly unpaid rent and utilities. Subscribe: Follow Paternity Court …


  1. I swear to God I can't talk to my mother like that cos were its a taboo like talk to her maturely she gave birth to you that's why I love my we understand she we quarrel we settle immediately

  2. How about women being better mother's? There are deadbeat fathers but mothers can be deadbeats too. Tattoos doesn't mean, you're a lazy trash person like the aunt is implying. I work have two tattoos. I'm an electrician, so that makes me a bad person for having tattoos?

  3. Why are they in paternity court and you sue your son how dare you you paid for your apt and because you are mad you sue your son and call yourself a mother you sign contract and you never gave him a key how dare you this woman is petty this son needs to leave this so called mom

  4. You don't have kids to "help" you. The reason this guy wan't doing what he was supposed to is because SHE didn't raise him correctly. SHE has no one to blame BUT herself. Man whatever you do do NOT send your kids to her house. She'll treat them the same way.

  5. He complains about his mom walk past 5 stores on her way home and asking him to go to the store and get some stuff. My Nigerian is mother shouts my name while she’s in the living room and I in my room upstairs just so I can help get the remote on the table next to her chair. It literally will take her less strength to get up and pick up the remote herself than it takes her to shout my name. 😭

  6. i'm not a black person, but i just love black people(especially christians) dynamic, dancing and singing- as a huge family.i just loved the attitude of that mother "tough to get along with…" that's how old black father and mother are. And that sister's attitude, she's like "those black nail polish, all-black outfit and all…", yea i admit it i do have that attitude at times.

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