Emblem Corp (CVE:EMC) on GreenSpace Partnership

Emblem Corp (CVE:EMC) (OTCMKTS:EMMBF) (FRA:E0M) CEO Nick Dean shares details about his company’s strategic partnership with GreenSpace Brands …


  1. Omg. Watching the videos of these frauds in suits run their mouths about the sector is hilarious. You should add a caveat to you discussion forum. Every interview should begin with you pulling out a bong or vaporizer and having these guys blind test their products and see how well they do. I know, it wont happen. We should be honest about why though.. Because these guys are frauds in suits running their mouths with no real knowledge of this sector. Its truly laughable.Buyers or potentials buyers beware of these frauds. Think to yourself, what do these people roles serve in production to pipe? Think! What do the many of these idiots who populate the "corporate management" level of these companies associated costs add to a unit gram? Even if its 10c, they are the dead weight. In cannabis, the board room, is the grow room. These clowns and their production facilities are going to be begging locally run Micro production, farm to gate sales models with high capacity retail chains to shelve their products. We are going to say , no. They think they will buy us out, they wont. We will out last them and break them on their overheads and and associated price point. Ive said it before and I will say it again,,there are only 2 saviors for the big LPs…One is a DIN# and buying laws that lock the medical market for them. Number 2 would be, same thing with international markets. They will need government protections by way of bought laws to keep the micros out of international markets. You can hold multiple micro licenses and fully automate facilities with skeleton crews compared to these idiots.Not to mention the distillation facilities that will all the sudden become legal and start owning the market. Truly, these guys are frauds…

  2. Purchasing and ingesting hemp seeds/oil is not equivalent to buying and ingesting CBD derivatives. Hemp seeds/oil contains little to no CBD compared to cannabinoid levels in whole plant extracts.

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