Dr. Andrew Weil: The Roadblocks Government Sets to Stop Marijuana Science – Joe Rogan

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1213:


  1. I lost over 100 pounds thanks for marijuana. I never did any drugs except alcohol before but I was addicted to food. The very first time I smoked was because of this girl I wanted to date ( I was really fat and terrible with women) . My body felt relaxed. In a way I never felt before .

    It was this feeling that made me more concious of my body and the abuse I was putting it through by having food addiction. I started exercising and smoking weed exclusively. It made me aware of my muscle insertion points. My frame, my strengths, my weaknesses , everything.

    It gave me the confidence to fight once more as I used to growing up on the streets of California, but with a new purpose. Just as I once fought for my life in the streets to grow up physically, now I am fighting for my life in the ring, so I can grow up mentally.

    Don't let anyone convince you of anything when it comes of Marijuana. It can build some of us up and it can destroy others. It's a tool to be respected and used in moderation.

  2. Its always nice when a legit Dr vindicates you. I'm the driver who smokes all day while driving. Been at it for 6 str8 years. No accidents. No duis. It's not the same but they're gonna push for it so they can keep their jobs. Smfh still. Fuck the government and FUCK DA POLICE!

  3. Honestly the first time I smoked I felt nothing, except that I was nervous that I smelled like pot all the next day.
    A friend told me stuff like, "But what about feeling textures, and listening to music, it gets so intense, it's great!"
    The second time I was driving friends around on country roads and about forty minutes into Kyuss' Welcome to Sky Valley I was in Space.
    I stopped the car, turned on the dome light and asked if anybody knew where we were, and watched three pairs of eyes go from the light to the rearview mirror at the exact same time, and started giggling.

  4. When you realize why things like weed and alcohol were outlawed, you realize these laws are not right. Alcohol illegalized to keep us driving with gasoline, weed illegalized for the health benefits as-well as its impact on manufacturing. All of this threatened rich bitter men and they had it illegalized until the could control it.

  5. I mountain bike high…..I ski high…I graduated college high….I workout high….I've recovered from some major orthopedic surgeries high…..So yeah, I drive high and the speed limit 😉 The only thing I don't do high is mess with firearms. Now after the range, is a different story.

  6. I find it quite sad that my mom has never smoked marijuana. Mainly because she’s had a ton of stress in her life. She’s in her late 40’s and she gets anxiety attacks from time to time (once every 3/4 months). She’ll start crying and she’ll ask me to hug her. There’s no way in convincing her that marijuana is harmless, it’ll be like fitting a square peg in a hole. She views weed being just as bad as heroin. Yikes

  7. Lemme tellya sum Joe!!! Ive been smoking weed for about 4 years(heavy to light) and I can tell you for a FACT, that the first time I smoked a j and inhaled I felt NOTHING lol and wasn't until the 2nd time I smoked that I actually felt high. You gotta stop pushing your personal experiences as the end all be all. Simply put, it all depends on the person and how their brain functions, hell even people that smoke a lot or socially don't get high even if it's some strong shit lol. It may not be SCIENTIFICALLY proven but from the looks of it, the subjects state of mind and expectations play a huge roll in whether or not said subject gets high. But I could be wrong and I'm not afraid to say it lmao.

  8. In Canada, if you smoke weed and then drive five hours later, you could very well still "blow over" and get a DUI, despite being totally sober.

    If you consume edibles (even large amounts) and then drive two hours later (when you are high as a fuckin kite), you could do the same test and you will very likely not blow over.

    This is due to the manner in which they do the testing in order to convict someone with a DUI. The government is bad at weed laws. Always have been and not much has changed.

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