"Doctors Of Reddit" #2 | WEIRDEST Patient Stories

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  1. Why don’t general practitioners not do a routine cranial nerve examination? Aren’t they pretty important.

    Also, this isn’t a question, but it’s aggravating that I see ASMR videos role playing these exams and they never do it right. Even the ASMR creators that are medical professionals and know the correct way.

  2. You know whats funny is they say qtips dont clean your ears very well. Well i saw a viedeo of a group of people who went to do an ear cleaning at the ear doctor and some uaed qtips some didnt and the people who did uae them actually had cleaner ears.

  3. I never understood why people lie to their docotors. Videos like this show that they've seen ANYTHING either studying at College or practicing at a Hospital. Whatever unique embarrassing medical issue you think you're having, they've already seen it. You're not special!

  4. There is a reddit post called "the swamps of dagobah" that a friend showed me a few Weeks ago. I feel really Bad for recommending it but also I kind of want to See your Reaction though… Just be warned, it's graphic and seriously gross 😂

  5. This video makes me feel better about being a new parents. I know not to give my kid ant poison. Or if i notice worms in their poop im taking them that day, if my daughter get pregnant at a young age. Yep she had sex. Or she got raped. If it's the second one. Imma go crazy. But if it's the first one. I wanna meet the young man.

  6. My mom used to be a nurse and one of her favorite ER story is about this dude who showed up with a plunger sticking out of his rectum.
    When my Mom asked him how it got there, he explained very seriously that his bathroom's floor was wet, therefore he slipped and fell sitting directly on the plunger……
    To this day, I still ask myself HOW IN THE WORLD do you come out with a lie like this and think it is credible ? And most importantly, HOW DO YOU TELL A STORY LIKE THIS TO A NURSE/DOCTOR WITH A STRAIGHT FACE ?! 😂😂😂

  7. Every time Dr. Mike calls us 'Ambulance Drivers' a new paramedic somewhere in the nation spontaneously combusts🤣 Be cool Dr. Mike! We have enough trouble staffing units as it is! 😂

  8. My dad once found a cocaine container in the beach…. it was full and when he opened the wind blow the cocaine all over me….. is now our joke… dad needs to stay away from all small containers

  9. I seriously don’t know how that bulb didn’t shatter… cause i was trying to change my lightbulb once and with the most gentle grip EVER, it freaking shattered on my head

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