Deputies bust one of largest indoor marijuana grow operations they've seen in Pima County

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department concluded a month-long marijuana investigation on Tuesday in which they found more than 1100 marijuana plants, …


  1. The problem with Weed and why it sounds bad is because theres a price tag on it…Make it available at a despesry meaning leglize it…and ppl will have a choice of buy high quality bud or growing it themselves…I for one would grow my own just so I could have a personal connection with my Bud.Its Black market that hurts us..It would be like buying fresh tobacco..Or like fruits and vegetables.I for one like to look at a marijuana like a fruit.Looks great taste great smells great and natively produces seeds…Oh and yes its a plant and it was put here by GOD

  2. This video is full of shit.
    1) They were NOT getting $2500/pound.
    2) They were NOT selling 4000 lbs/year out of that house.
    3) They had EXPENSES, so, even if they did sell 4000 pounds at $2500/pound,
    they would not be NETTING anywhere near 10 million dollars.

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