Clan Mythology #27 – How To Make Ancient Dandelion Tea

DANDELIONS are one of the most colorful, perverse and mythologized medicinal multi-tools from the ancient world and this episode demonstrates how to make …


  1. Ashley (or anyone who knows really) – I noticed you used the petals to make the tea, but this type of dandelion doesnt grow where I live and I've only been able to find tea made from the leaves. I need help with both kidney health, and blood sugar regulation. Do you think the tea made from the leaf would still work? Also, I've a plan to grow some in the fall, but how can I best preserve my harvest? They will die out by summer here.

  2. I have treated my rabbits/and animals with alternative remedies for years. I had a rabbit who had a massive growth on the liver, I gave him Milk of Thistle and he enjoyed a further 14 months of good quality life. The vet had initially wanted to put him to sleep, and when that time came they were utterly shocked at how long he had lived. I had one rabbit who was near death, he had a infection in his eyes, was doubly incontinent, confused, and refusing water and food. I treated him with Chamomile tea, bathing his eyes giving this to him in his water. He made a full recovery. Absolute miracle. I too have used Chamomile tea to help with blood sugars since I am a type 1 diabetic, and require insulin. I didn't know about the use of Dandelion with regards to treating this problem. Thank you Ashley this was interesting. I continue to learn everyday.

  3. Excellent video. Love these types of video. Always amazes me what they figured out and how legends have emerged. Your story telling is the best. Love your work.

  4. Recently received a family recipe from a few hundred years ago. It is to make a fermented dandelion drink for healthy gut bacteria, just got a real crock this summer so will let you know in a few months how it turned out.
    Here in the Americas it is said the roots are best harvested ceremoniously in Fall.

    Have a good sleep.

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