CBD Vape Kit Review – Best CBD Pen Vape Kit

Big J reviews the CBDfx Vape Kit. CBD Pen Vape Kit. Get it here: **Be on the lookout for random flash (24hrs) giveaways on our Instagram!


  1. I just purchased HempBomb CBD Vape Jucie, will this work for this? Do you have any other videos that recommend Pens for CBD Vape Jucie? Also, can you use the Oils in a Vape Pen or does it have to be specific for vaping?

  2. Thanks so much for this video. It messed me up when you open the box its a rubber small cap to protect the bottom of the VAPE connector it took a few cuz i didnt want to ruin it but that part pops off and then connect your extender. Whoosh. Wish I had known. Lol.
    I love your videos. Ty Big J…ur the best

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