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Canada’s cannabis industry has seen a downturn in stock prices in the first year of legalized weed. To read more: »»» Subscribe to CBC …


  1. You can bet your life savings that these suggested regulation changes favor Large corporations , and limits/eliminates small sellers. Sounds like they want laws to grant them a monopoly like they almost have in the Medical sections.

  2. I am in the cannabis industry in Vancouver.
    The real issues are, consumers do not want overpriced poor quality corporate cannabis.
    Consumers prefer small retail shops and products from small Craft Growers.
    Until sensible regulations and amendments to the Canadian cannabis act happen, the black market will continue to flourish.
    This talking head from the corporate cannabis world mentioned tens of thousands of new jobs, in British Columbia there are approximately 200,000 people still involved in the black market industry and have no intention of stopping, isn’t it best to bring these popular and well established independent shops and producers into sensible regulations?
    Lastly, mainstream media is to blame for the ongoing negative spin they have on cannabis use while at the same time continually endorsing alcohol, so let’s start there and then move from that point in order to change opinions about cannabis use and cannabis users, sounds fair enough?
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  3. Well what did you expect, there is a large demographic difference between the medicinal users and the occasional casual users, this should warn you of the overhype and overproduction, not underproduction within Canada, it's export is going to be slow throughout the world as countries grapple with legalization, and any blowback from the existing use, like what's going on with the oxycoton industry.

  4. The provinces, on balance screwed up the launch. I thought I read somewhere that l
    in the first year, PEI sold more legal pot than BC. You messed up when you have like, what, 30-40x the pop. of a province and was outsold by them. Here, in Ont, there are more stores, but they are spread out sporadically, with the great majority (obv) in and around Toronto. The selection at the one store near me is not good, and their prices are around double what private dealers tend to sell for.

    The federal govt. also messed up. The packaging rules are federally applied, the packaging rules that basically require 20g or so of packaging for as little as 1g of product. For a government supposedly focusing on the environment, this seem like a big 'oof' or 'yikes'to me, as the kids might say. Im not even an environmentalist-type, and I see the obvious hypocrisy in this set up.

    The mail-in retailers do it much more efficiently: most just double vac pack the producrt, which is aleeady stored in a UV resistant bag. It isnt perfect, either, but the amount of packaging at leadt scales to the amount of product.

    I would genuinely like to see the govt get this balance correct, but out of the gate (and I can sort of understand why) they seem to have taken the most cautious approach to legalization they could possibly have thought up, and then said not good enough, and spent another month tightening it down further.

    Once theres a few years worth of data to analyze, one of the provincial models ought to have emerged as the best in terms of per capita utilisation and sales, as well as customer experience and public safety. It going ro take a while, but they'll get there, its just not clear how many of these early adopter corporations will still be standing by then, and will there be some newly licenced challengers to step up in their place?

  5. In the beginning weeds prices were fixed to compensate growers who faced incarceration for breaking laws to cultivate marijuana. Now that the"legal" growers face no such threats why has the price of cannabis increased rather than decreased? Greed maybe?

  6. Considering the lines at stores, with product flying off the shelves it is difficult to believe that they( the companies) are not hitting projected sales targets and making a profit.

  7. Prices to high, quality to low, packaging is horrible. Illegal services should never provide a better service then a legal one. Forced economic scarcity goes against the values the free market was based on. Look at Netflix vs Spottily, one of them stopped almost all piracy in their industry, and one of them has not. Please stop the black market sale of cannabis by making the legal market the better choice. They are doing such a poor job that street prices for weed have gone back up to pre-legalization levels! I want to see what I'm buying, I want a better deal for buying in bulk, and a fair price. The guys risking going to jail and hiding it from the cops can do it cheaper? How does that work exactly?

  8. I would be fine with the way things are. Potency is the biggest problem. I do not like spending 50 bucks on a high I can get from 2 tylenol and a couple cigarettes. Go back to Thick smoke, Red eyes, Resin and being high. These legal, watered down products are just not hitting the mark. I am a casual smoker and when i smoke i want to know it…

  9. Not surprised. "Legal" weed is total garbage. It's now October 2019 and I'm still receiving completely dried out weed that was "packed" in August 2018.

    I can't speak for anyone else, but as someone who almost exclusively vapes, I'm going back to my pre-leglization mail order site where I can count on the product not being completely dried out.

  10. They are over reaching and over stepping their capabilities spending world wide on the world market.
    Another point is that as a producer They probably make more cash selling world wide as a medical drug for treatment with their emerging infrastructure in its infancy then furnishing Peter pothead at the local pot store
    And his needs to have a hit.

  11. WHO SPELL CHECKED THE BANNERS? (Bloomberg: Pot stocks have lost more than half 'THERE' value.) Seriously? THERE? Not much wonder kids can't spell when they read things like that, from, supposed, 'newsworthy' sources. Sheesh. There. Seriously. (FYI: Their). (Maybe someone who was smoking a little too much before work? 🤔 😉)

  12. I. Think they have 20-30% more ppl consuming rather than taking 20-30% of the sales from the streets. Nothing wrong with this. But it’s more realistic as government controlled marijuana isnt as good. Cost much more and is usually underweight. Recently the pot shops started selling things like edible, concentrates. Lotions…. more products other than just bud. But it’s almost to little too late. As the black markets have been selling these items at a better price…. for a longer time….

  13. Big International corporations should not be allowed to be involved. It should be handled more like local craft beers. Independent and local!!!
    With quality control bylaws and licensed independent testing this would be most beneficial for the local and national economy.
    As well as MOST IMPORTANTLY the users. Also there is no reason for it to become more expensive (Except Corporate/Government greed)!

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